Training Grades

Training grades are a new challenge currently facing the formative cycles of degree Superior are highly valued by all the educational and business world… Graduates of top grade entering the labour market in a fast and attractive, and it is that they are the more busados professionals. Their training is based on the demands of the world of work and business, for this reason his work output is simpler than other graduates.For a long time was considered that people who studied cycles was not very valid because be believed he were no formations of prestige. Nothing is further from reality, as has been shown that these professionals have a level of education and an ability to work oigual the rest of students. (Similarly see: Peter Schiff). However many students of the formative cycles of upper degree when they complete it decide to enter University.

So far such access came default by the average student got mark throughout their studies.PRA gain access from now must be submitted to a review that will assess their knowledge… Is face to the same exam than students who make the selectivity. FP students shall prepare on their own exams already that the subjects attended them years ago… At the moment has not been raised the possibility of preparing special classes so that these students can review with a professor that matter higher level vocational training centres complain that fp and baccalaureate students will not present to the University access under the same conditions since Bachelor’s will take advantage. What the authorities sought precisely was rebalancing the mockup because they felt that the previous way the rich were vocational training. Movements of complaint from the centres of vocational training intending to solve this grievance for the students of fp are already prepared.

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