Trucking Market In Russia

Trucking market in Russia remains in its infancy. Due to long distances, high cost of rail and air services, the creation of modern highways, the prospects trucking in Russia are endless. Already today, according to the company "Express Review" total cost of trucking services in our state is four billion. Interesting feature of the lead experts: in the last two years, motor transportation have become more in demand in the province, primarily, of course, in big cities such as Volgograd, Samara, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, . Occupies the leading position of St.

Petersburg, where in 2007 the market for road freight transport increased by 30%, while freight traffic in Moscow only 14, 5%, lower than the nationwide figure. Home of the revenue yield corporate clients, despite the fact that the Trucking and enjoy the company and individuals. For all regions of this parameter is trucking the same: in 2007 94% freight transportation in Moscow and 77% in St. Petersburg, was commissioned by corporate enterprises. In order to keep a client in the face of increasing competition in the market of cargo transportation, carriers are forced to take them into account requirements, offering competitive prices, improving quality and expanding the range of services.

In an effort to find new and retain existing customers and make them permanent, freight forwarders actively increase assortment of goods transported. The traditional goods such as furniture and equipment are added to construction materials, liquids, metal, yachts, boats, motorcycles, bulldozers, etc. The list of services for freight transportation by Moscow, according to Moscow region, as well as in other metropolitan areas – delivery of perishable goods, food, transportation documentation. Providing such services for the transportation of goods purchased by special-purpose vehicles, special equipment, additional equipment, provide adequate staff training. Cargo Carriers often use individual approach to customers, differentiating their services and offering wealthy clients vip-travel and sensitive transportation rather than just the usual freight transport over the region, Moscow and the country. In addition, regular customer can count on benefits and discounts, choose a convenient way to pay for itself. Again, for greater convenience clients increases the range of services related cargo. This is a free evaluation order for cargo transportation, logistics, shipping, rigging, loading services, furniture disassembly and reassembly, sale, rent packaging material or packaging manufacturing by special order, including freight traffic in Russia – long distance, packing, repacking and labeling of goods, services, short storage cargo transportation, non-standard loads, paperwork for dangerous, oversized cargoes, incidental shipping, round the clock services for transportation, cargo insurance. Make a request for services Most shipping companies may already be using the Internet, which until that time it was difficult to make. Freight companies provide customers with necessary information in the form of brochures and in electronic form, which also facilitates the selection and increases customer loyalty. Appreciating its credibility to companies operating a long time, create conditions and salaries for their employees to get them interested in a serious and qualitative performing the task. Large companies, carriers and small firms at the initial stage of its business are to each other strong competition. Number of small motor carriers, but at present day of almost 90% of the total, by mid-next year will decrease by 10%. Experienced enormous enterprise, creating branches across Russia, will dictate the rules of the market of automobile transportation.

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