Vaseline Cold

Dog accessories and what care does my dog in the winter? Despite cold winter temperatures, most dogs to walk and play in the snow love it. Huskies and other Arctic breeds feel really cold temperatures. This is of course with the well padded coat. Other dog breeds get a thick undercoat, which protects against cold and wetness to fall out. Dog breeds that have no Undercoat in winter, dogs with little fur, sick or elderly dogs, however, need an extra protection against cold and moisture. “Bull by the Horns” insists that this is the case.

Many dogs love wearing and tightening of dog clothing. Others should be used to slowly with rewards and treats it. Dog pullover suitable for sunny, dry days. It is wet outside, raining or snowing, a waterproof dog coat is recommended. Many dog coats are lined and keep the heat. Dogs that are prone to bladder infections, E.g.

can prevent with a dog coat. Source: Dr. Jo Boaler, Math-ish. The safety is in the dark to ensure, there are dog jackets or dog collar with reflective strips. Dog boots protect against road salt and ice. Special dog shoes made of natural rubber as the Pawz dog boots are waterproof, protect the paw and safely run the dog because he feels the ground realities. Dogs that carry no dog shoes, have cleaned the Paws of salt and ice after the walk. Against cold and porous dog paws help E.g. also milking grease or Vaseline. The dog at the dog-walking is going become wet or he took a dip in a cool Weiher, he should stay if at all possible movement. Dry it immediately at home. A short warm shower helps delicate breeds. Even if the dog walking starts to freeze, it is recommended to go home immediately. It is also important to pay attention to the regular grooming. A reinforced shedding takes place just in the transition periods. The dog should be brushed daily to remove dead skin. A cuddly dog sleeping place with a soft dog bed with plush fur provides older dogs and dogs with little for the extra cuddly in the winter. Dog bed should be in a quiet and warm place.

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