Waterbased Paint

When using water-based and other synthetic dyes, one can not apply copper vitriol, and aluminous primer for cleaning the ceiling before painting because it will appear on the covered spot. Many homes are built, reaching to the ceiling wardrobes. With whitewashed ceiling angles formed by the cabinet to the ceiling, must-taped, cut the gauze, and then finished putty putty paste or homemade putty. Dried putty should not stain, or as they say builders measure. A day later, when the angles are dry, you need to clean up the grease space pumice or sandpaper and, if necessary, adjust the ceiling again. Wallpapers non-woven based glued to the ceiling prepared, cleaned of any delamination, puttied and aligned.

Prepared on the ceiling imposed last putty then can be glued wallpaper. Then wallpapers desirable color to the surface became smoother and more pleasant to the eye. The positive side of ceiling wallpaper on the interlining is that they hide the cracks on the surface. In an ordinary brick house ceilings are not monolithic, but consist of slabs. Between the slabs is rusty – connecting joints. These seams are typically erased and smeared, but over time the solution starts at the seams a bit flaky, and appear narrow cracks, especially if the house is new and shrink.

If, however, close the ceiling wallpaper, wallpaper will block these rusty, and they will not be noticeable. The advantage of non-woven wallpaper is also in the fact that the ceiling covered with them, it is easier to repair. If, for example, apartment flooded neighbors from above, the ceiling will need to repaint. If the ceiling was not wallpaper have to completely restore it – with a mortar, putty and so on. And, if the ceiling were pasted wallpaper, they simply paint over one coat with a roller. In addition, non-woven wallpaper can be used to trim window slopes.

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