WOG Stations

In this article I want to tell you about some of the machinations of the gas station, those that faced directly, as in a few years at a large firm that supplied and serviced equipment for oil trading company. Course of their work I had to communicate with employees of different companies that sell petroleum products and I have concluded that virtually all companies that have, a large network Gas stations cheating motorists err, rather, they "do not clean the hands of" employees. Most likely, the general guide is not aware of any additional income has regional authorities, although periodically organizing regional inspection, they reveal some irregularities, the essence remains the same, fired a couple of no use to the operators, for example, poor customer service, Chew Head station for non-plan and everything. At the same time major violations, tend to remain unnoticed. And continues to take its course. I think most of you no longer use the services of small stations, which remained, and so not a lot, and they are somewhere in the suburbs, most customers refuel at gas stations are well promoted brands, such as the WOG, Shell, Lukoil, TNK, etc. On small, as they say, and "muddy" then not much comes out, and subconsciously somewhere in the depths of them do not trust, and refueled, it seems, the car is not going so used to it? Whether business from large traders! The operators are smiling, brave in its original protective clothing to fill the car windows protrut wish Godspeed! After This car does not go, but flies! But for it has been shown to account for great pay.

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