Work Ethics

Ethics Code of Hammurabi or forced. Hammurabi (king of Babylon), established a code related to the construction and builders, which stated that if a house collapsed and this caused the death of the owner’s son, he would condemn to death the son of the builder. It is said that Babylon was reputed to have very good builders. Do not confuse the cracks in hydraulic concrete. The hydraulic concrete cracks or fissures may occur during the different phases of the process: 1) When in a plastic state, 2) When developing the process of hardening and 3) When carrying out their work and structure. Care must be taken not to confuse the types of cracking when a diagnosis of risk. Polymer modified asphalt Why?. Asphalts are modified with polymers, with the main objective, to achieve a higher viscosity at high temperature and thus have lower permanent deformation.

This also caumenta its elasticity, reducing the cracking when subjected to low temperatures. And in addition to these characteristics increase the adhesiveness with the stone used to form a more durable asphalt. Problems of slope stability? There are many methods for calculating stable slopes, some better than others, however, is always good to remember that one of the most important, to obtain reliable results in the calculation of a slope, is to achieve a good selection of circle failure more likely (for a circular failure criterion), so that all other calculations are applicable. Quality Engineering. To realize the tremendous importance of good quality in engineering works, we just have to understand: not enough quality in the design of the work, not enough quality studies, calculation and design work, not enough quality in the programming of the work.

All the above points are important, but will be an effort to cover them completely useless, if not taken special care quality of the work to build. Measuring the pH of a soil. When required to determine the pH of a fine soil on site, can be used the papal reagents that are sold in pharmacies. Place a small piece of land to be verified in a glass container, containing a little water neutral (pH = 7), so as to cover the soil sample, ensuring that the water is not frozen or too cold, try breaking up While soil in the water, insert and remove the paper and colorimetric reagent can make reading the pH.

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