Work Is Not A Wolf Or Easily Not Pull !

Work is not a wolf or not easily pull out! To begin to tell an anecdote: We agreed that as God and the Devil to build a bridge from Hell to Paradise … The essence of the agreement is that everyone builds their half … Well the time has come and is coming time Truth … The Devil opens the curtain and shows him with an overwhelming sense of pride that his part of the bridge … And God said to him: "I have not fulfilled promises … Where I'm working in paradise I find?" … now offer not think about those people in Paradise, which, as senior soldiers in the army, its already worked, but about those who sweat continues to work in hell … Erin Callan has many thoughts on the issue.

Now do not you think that the work – is a kind of punishment … something hellish descent … … huh? Please note that only in the Russian language the word "work" from the word "slave" … and did not work of man by man, and work! Can be replaced in everyday use, the word "work" with the word "work", and we may have at a subconscious level, begin to relate differently to what we do and what we do …

Work the Russian people sick! For a long time to convince him to work without noticing results … testbed chicken klyunuv only once nasty taste, but bright and attractive bead, so in consequence no longer goes … until the experimenter begins to block his memory …

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