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Pressure-suction hoses are used practically in most sectors of the economy. Pressure-suction hose manufactured in accordance with GOST 5398-76, are used as flexible pipelines for the transportation (via suction or discharge) of various liquids, bulk solids and gases. Pressure hoses are useful when you need to quickly connect any capacity for transportation of various substances. Because of its strength and flexibility of the pressure hoses can withstand high operating pressures and help to avoid any obstacles in transit. There are several types of classification pressure-suction hoses. The most popular pressure hose not reinforced, which the framework of textile materials. This kind of arms is divided into classes depending on the context in which they exploited.

Class "P" includes a sleeve designed for pumping drinking water and food in class "F" are included for transporting arms non-flammable gases, in a class "B" – sleeves for industrial water, and class of "Km" – sleeve for pumping acids, alkalis and other reactive substances. In a separate class of isolated high-pressure hoses, which are used in the manufacture of high-strength synthetic material, ensure efficiency sleeves at very high loads. It should be noted that the use of high pressure hoses is limited to a temperature above -4 degrees. If you want to pump any of the materials in temperature range from – 60 to + 100 degrees, then use dyuritovye sleeves. Often used hoses with metal braid, which imparts a special heat resistance and durability. Such a sleeve can be used for temperature to 190 degrees to 5 MPa pressure. These bags can be used, for example, for pumping the melted bitumen. In general, a variety of pressure-suction hose is so great that it can provide Works on transportation of virtually any material, in almost all fields of human activity. A wide range of bags allows you to choose the right hose for all types of work.

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