World Market Wipes

For the first time in the world market wipes were sold in the 70s of last century and were used mainly for skin care babies. And only when the market exceeded the universal wet wipes market for children's wipes value became clear – redistribution of the proportion of end-segments are not in favor of the latter. At the same time according to Euromonitor International market for children's wipes are not going to stagnate. Its growth still remained high, which was due on the one hand an increased interest from busy parents (and comfort), and other intensive promotions, informing on additional species products (baby wipes, odorless or for sensitive skin). Later, however, the emergence of new species and areas of wet wipes has had its negative impact on the market for children's wet wipes. As shown study, baby wipes are often used not only in accordance with its intended purpose. Wet wipes used for hands, make up remover to remove dust from furniture, home appliances, etc. Naturally, the emergence of specialized tissues for different purposes switched customers using baby wipes.

Moreover, now the producer of advertising began to focus on the features different types of tissues. For example, a cloth-care technology has added spirit, and for gentle makeup remover lotion. All this has led to the formation of certain patterns of consumption, containing not only the children wet wipes. The most actively-growing segment of wet wipes today as the last few years is the makeup. However, if the main engine before there were the usual wipes to remove makeup, then Now the consumer demands innovation.

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