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Today, one of his articles, on average, costs $ 1000. But let’s order. One day I received a letter from a reader of my mailing. It was a primary school teacher of Russian language. It is a little more about yourself, said the salary is small and she wants to find additional revenue to the Internet.

I invited her to make a website or blog untwist it and then do the monetization of the project. She thanked him for his reply and said that she is not fit, the sites she do not know how, and to delve into this matter it is not very desirable. Immediately obvious that a person liberal arts education. She, for example, write an article – five minutes of time, but to delve into the technical details saytostroeniya no desire. And most interesting is that these people very much, it’s not even related to the technical or liberal arts education. Many people are still in high school wrote essays on the great, and even now, give them a pen, a piece of paper and asked to write an essay about how he spent a vacation in Anapa. 10 minutes, an excellent article ready. A Many travel companies are willing to pay for this article real money. Any site on the Internet, whether it is a travel company site or a site for the sale of household appliances, they all need unique content that is so fond search engines.

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