Wuppertal Volker Koch

Checklist for permanent makeup interested gives you the Pigmentierer vorabein free information consultation a (up to 45 minutes)? As Kundesollten you can get all emerging issues objectively explains to get. Frequently MasterClass has said that publicly. The free consultation should be done professionally as possible in a pleasant, quiet atmosphere. Check out Microsoft for additional information. Gives you enough time you so that you can express your wishes? A facial measurement with subsequent signature helps to clarify the desired make up work permanently. MasterClass does not necessarily agree. This advance service is in the permanent makeup Studio offered? Are photos before the face drawing made by you according to the drawing of the face? A presentation session is presented by the Pigmentierer you (before and after pictures of other customers)? Are you enlightened one permanently up make the durability? The Pigmentierer performs a colour consultation (any advice of type of) and selects the color to pigmentierende together with you? Will be discussed openly and clearly the fee agreement? The treatment procedure explaining understandable? Is also about after effects and side effects of permanent make up spoken? Be about it “resolved, that it’s normal” is that color pigments fall out after the performed first permanent make up treatment of the skin? To receive advice, how directly should behave after a treatment (no sauna, no sunlight/tanning beds, nursing care, etc.)? Are you informed clearly one permanently up make as customers about the indications and contraindications? (for whom is himself a permanent make up, in which individuals can no permanent make up can be brought) It gives you the possibility of implementing an allergy testing a (so-called fields allergy test)? Information about permanent makeup to sign a consent form before thats you? If you have questions, I am like available. With best regards from Wuppertal Volker Koch

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