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Yahoo! launches Yahoo! pulse, its new integration platform of services Yahoo! launches Yahoo! pulse, the new integrative services platform will allow Yahoo! users to access and view all the updates of some of their web sites and popular social networks, as it is the case with Facebook. In addition, very soon is could be incorporated into this agreement other social networks like Twitter or Tuenti. Full integration with Facebook integration with Facebook for the people who choose to connect their profiles can see Facebook updates on the home page, mail and other Yahoo! sites. Likewise, those who generate and share content in the pages of Yahoo!, including Flickr, Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports and other entertainment such as Yahoo! TV and Yahoo! Movies pages can easily share their contributions through Facebook. In the words of Ana Diaz, product manager, Yahoo! Europe, Middle East and Africa. Yahoo! expands thanks to this new initiative its social media strategy. Yahoo! pulse is a way of bringing both platforms and enrich the social experience of users. Now start using Yahoo press! Share on the net now will make it much easier.

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