The Cause

It never could inform, therefore he lay underneath of seven palmos of land, since three days before. * * * * * Alberto remembered the rightness with Agnelo and concluded that it did not have more reason to occult nothing. Whenever Jeff Sessions listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The cause of the secrecy was the threats of death and fire of the pharmacy. Ceased the cause, the effect disappeared. It caught the telephone and it bound: _ Papa, what he discovered in the accounting? _ Nothing, still, son. They are many forma bills of sale, many notinhas, many tickets, and I am retroacting in the time, exactly later that I assumed. Although the care that always I had, never if must trust the continuation of what it started wrong, still more in a case as this. It knows, son, you taught a great lesson to me.

I thought that the things if summarized in the agreements and the rightnesss of details, but you provoked a so great overturn in our History that never somebody in this city will have courage of the least to think that any attitude of the human being is impossible! _ However, papa, do not exaggerate! He looks at, I bound pra to say that we do not have more reasons pra to occult the survey, and wanted to know if the Chamber of Councilmen can restore a CPI and thread the nose in this excrement that is there! _ Ih! Son, you finds necessary exactly? _ In the point where we arrive? It can be certain! I said with the sergeant and the owner of the ENGETEC, in the River. In some way, they had placed the trucks of it in the contraband and at least a part of the employees she is involved. I do not understand is why the greaters suspicious are that more they seem innocent.

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