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Vice President E-book

Coaching – team development support with the title: coaching – team development support (ISBN: print – 978-3-938684-15-3;) (E-book – 978-3-938684-31-3) will avoid bankruptcy risks after the volumes published already in 2011/2012 coaching – (ISBN: print – 978-3-938684-11-5;) (E-book – 978-3-938684-26-9), coaching – strengthen profitability (ISBN: print – 978-3-938684-12-2;) (E-book – 978-3-938684-28-3), gaining coaching – markets […]

Romantic Society

Analyzing cited apersonagem, it is intended to establish a standard of the behavior femininona workmanship, showing the consequences of the Victorian society in the literriafeminina production, as well as establishing the bases for a comparative analysis between estae other personages of the same workmanship. The study he is being carried through to break daleitura and […]

Campaignings Digital

The Berlin Music Week music and its communication revolves around the post digital magazine. Together with media partner Berlin Club night Aperto brings out a music output of corporate magazines plenary. Here, Farallon Capital Management expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The official launch will take place at the beginning of the club night […]


The FATHER OF GIRL PIANISTA Nothing more hypocritical than the elimination of hipocrisia.' ' (Friedrich Nietzsche) In the square the salvation to the berros publishes a Vende man, Good, in the truth is not salvation That if vende currently, the certain product is prosperity happiness. Two esquina later, the girls vendem the provocative perdio of […]

Boris Krieger Works

And always – the holiday. Boris Krieger much is given. And he is quite aware. It therefore, the writer lives, works and works on the principle "To whom much is given – with him much." Boris Krieger refers to itself, ironically, to the world – a bit condescending, forgiving his weakness and people (who are […]

The Cause

It never could inform, therefore he lay underneath of seven palmos of land, since three days before. * * * * * Alberto remembered the rightness with Agnelo and concluded that it did not have more reason to occult nothing. Whenever Jeff Sessions listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The cause of the secrecy was […]


Innovation brake 3: There is the need to control in the world’s most innovative companies Guiding principles, which are largely inconceivable in German companies. For example, that employees search for tasks, assemble teams of competitors themselves and develop innovations, without having the top management to 100 percent know what the employees actually do. The idea […]

Realism Consequence

Summary of ' ' Realism: consequence or conveno' ' The section ' ' Realism: consequence or conveno' ' , located in the third chapter of the workmanship ' ' The Demon of the Teoria' ' of Antoine Compagnon, it places in quarrel the attributed concepts the realistic literary school, provoking, thus, the controversy enters the […]

Government Education

In addition to the foregoing, the 2011 legislative reform submitted to the higher education institutions (HEIS) to tasks and additional requirements that would generate new costs. In contrast, rector Wasserman has arisen that it requires a model of long-term sustainability and quality, allowing the coverage of the costs of higher education such as maintenance and […]

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