Monthly Archives: June 2013

Akinin Levy

We arrived at a certain age and it seems that the world combined against our way of being, our way of thinking and as a result, at the end, in our act with those around us. We intend to everything that we aspire, we deserve it, having lived is as if it granted us a […]

Security Citizen

In the PNP the power of the Director-General is formal and limited thus from an Office and there is no leadership in the bureaucracy.However there are and in reality should not called leaders, but they exist externally with all forms. The submission of these characters attached to the prebends of the charge and the power […]


If we can achieve harmonize our thoughts, words and actions, we can make a remarkable change in our lives, becoming these simpler and facilitating us reaching our goals and share with the people that surround us; as having more harmony, internally it is only natural that this extends to our surrounding. Then begins a process […]

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