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Engineers and geologists are studying only lithological difference between the ground and gravity processes, ie processes occurring under the influence of gravity. When surveys are not taken into account the tectonic stress state of the geological environment with a predominance significant horizontal stress and ignored her mobility. That is why the deformation of the next […]

The 3 Basic Questions

Summary: Find out in this article of the basic questions that will take you to your goals in the process of coaching, the coach uses the technique of the questions to carry coachee or client to its success. Of course in a private and interactive process of coaching, would have all sorts of questions. These […]


" These two formulas are consecutive and complementary S 'located in the place of the signifier in the formula of the metaphor is there to indicate that the metaphor includes, to carry out their production to metonymy as before. S 'not to be confused with the metaphorical production in the formula (II), this production should […]

Clothing Hunt

Hunting and fishing season begins long before its official opening. Only a real hunter knows that to prepare in advance. When the season starts, will have no time to run to the shops and look for the right thing. At preparation for the new season recently took equipment, namely clothing for hunting and fishing. Why […]

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