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Powerball – New Album

To present a new form of classic heavy metal? Powerball – a rock band like a steam hammer! In the age of absolute music diversity, many notions about styles and an increasing number of sub labels of respective directions, an orientation in the sense of classical music styles (Blues, soul, Funk, pop, classical, rock) is […]


Electrodes – elements of the welding circuit for supplying current to the work piece. The electrodes are divided into metallic and nonmetallic. Metal electrodes – melting involved directly in the formation of weld, and non-consumable, for supplying current to the product, filler metal is introduced from the outside. Learn more about this with Lord Peter […]


As you know there are a lot of flowers, but there are some that are more popular than others, as occurs with the Carnation, which is one of the flowers that you can find with may ease in many parts, perhaps only surpassed by the Roses; because CARNATION is seen favored largely by its beautiful […]

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