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CEO Quot

Timeless question – confidentiality of information. On defense, need very many data sets: Accounting reporting, intellectual property for developers, data on customer service sales, knowledge base of personnel, etc. At the same time, now almost all businesses use the Internet, teeming with all sorts of viruses, Trojans and the like “small mammals”. For this reason, […]

Ozonator Home

Industry in the fight for health On a more positive effect on the body of ozone gas is written in the literature very much. In nature, it is produced in nature from the resin of coniferous trees such as pine tar, as well as during Rain. Number of him in the air is not constant […]

Simple Body

The real and complete recovery of the organism (the drug Photostim) Simple everyday rule – Take care of yourself, give the body a variety of foods rich in useful elements and disease will avoid you a party. The body has tremendous reserve of strength and can overcome many of the disease, however, external factors from […]

State Quality Mark

7-phase is the final stage of slagging of the organism, irreversible disease associated with the expansion of cells and organs, ie cancer! Cancer is the revenge of nature for the wrong eaten foods! Spend a mini-test of their health. Listen to him and try to understand at what stage of pollution it is at the […]

Competition Jumping

Born in Norway, which has become famous for their tradition to arrange slalom, art, skiing the mountains. Originally jumping also included in the slalom. Then stood out among the skiers so-called "miners" who were involved in skating priemuschestvenno from the mountains. They made jumping very high natural ledges, and later – with special elevations. An […]

Common Digital

May 04 course initiation digital identity: aimed at entrepreneurs Monica Carratala I decide to write a battery of articles in order to give support to those companies that still have not created your digital identity (from the web page to the use of social media), and that do not have very clear how to move […]

Digital Entertainment

So the Observatory of leisure and the Digital Entertainment (IABM) says it all. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has similar goals. 30% Of young people between 18 and 25 years and 54% between 14 and 17 years considers Internet the best medium of entertainment, against other media such as film or television that only reached 14 per […]

Digital Literacies

In the same way programming is a tool that offers the possibility of inventing and creating visually interesting ideas and with many successes that make classes pleasant and attractive for learners. Should be added to programming applications multimedia part of the benefits as cited earlier wide my field of action where I can devote to […]

Selling Digital Products

What are digital products? They are those products that need to be created only once, and after that can be copied and return to copy as many times as necessary, does not require manage inventory or warehouses, only expense will be storage in our server’s hard disk, you can sell the same product over and […]

Digital Process

Storage process: usually this process is overlooked in management of information systems processes and therefore in the informational string that you think they are processes tecnicos-Mecanicos to be made by the programmers or computer of the institution. However, in its correct initial configuration, its proper maintenance structure and security (backup) largely the success will depend […]

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