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Identity Cultures

THE THREAD OF THE a IDENTIDADES ASESINASa DE Maalouf a “Killer Identities” (Alianza Editorial, Madrid, 1999) is passionate denunciation Maalouf to the madness that incites men to kill each other in the name of ethnicity, language, religion or skin color. ” the existence of individuals in common areas, with different cultural influences is a clear […]

K2 In International Reporting Opts For STAS CONTROL

Sales module of your BI solution after only 8 days live Reilingen, 04.03.2010 the gradual introduction the sales module was commissioned at K2 Sports Europe initially powered by Talend successfully by STAS CONTROL in conjunction with STAS CONTROL ETL. As further steps, finance and operational planning will follow in the next few weeks and also […]

Germany Fuel

CEHATROL production cannot be built nationwide Berlin in license, June 22, 2010 – climate change, unpredictable energy costs, constantly rising fuel prices, irresponsibility of corporations, increasing unemployment – the global situation is dramatic on everyone’s lips. The energy supply mobile and also stationary, plays a central role in the search for solutions. The establishment and […]

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