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Becoming Successful

I know that today theme of success, the secret of wealth and happiness is quite widespread, and anyone who wants to can find out what he really can get everything you wished, just need to want it. But why not all are billionaires? Many have great potential, knowledge, and the initial capital to start a […]

Regional Meeting

They had recorded in the seminary a K7 ribbon that would be sung in the party of the black beauty and afros celebrations until our days. One of the visited houses, received the group that sang some musics, for the young Francimar, Francimeire and Rosa. To the few the group was if articulating the NorteNordeste […]

Passenger Information

HCon turned new developments around the timetable information HAFAS before Hannover, March 30, 2011. The HAFAS user meeting 2011 recorded a new record number of visitors: circular 180 participants from 82 companies and 13 countries followed the invitation of the Software House of HCon for the 14th meeting of HAFAS user to Hanover. On March […]

Essen Hotels

Excellent meeting hotels contend in the competition of the selected meeting hotels to feel Member houses of the Federation of the excellent meeting hotels prevailed at the industry award this year. The jury was once more the high performance standards and the Conference competence of the Member houses. What is singer of the Eurovision Song […]

Product Fireworks

The mad geniuses GmbH presented in addition to the latest software version Saravanan * LOU a completely renewed pixi * and the mobile data recording device MOBIX shows for the first time. Munich, September 18, 2012 with its product presentation on the pixi * user meeting in Munich provided software manufacturer mad geniuses GmbH sensation. […]

Public Ministry

The section seventh of the Room Third of the Supreme one began to meet to the 17,00 hours of this Friday to evaluate the precautionary measurement that protests Left United in the demand interposed at the very end of the morning. In the ordinary contentious-administrative resource, the coalition dnda that the anticipated mobilizations stops the […]

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