Monthly Archives: December 2011

Digital Market

You can even use the automatic ISO setting and see how the camera will expose the desired exposure. A large number of 'digital noise' Regardless of what kind of ISO value is set, most digital compact cameras mid-range face the problem of 'noise' on the long exposures. Noise is the result of small electric interference […]

Director General

General management of occupational safety in the organization of the Director General, State "Football Club". The direct management and responsibility for the proper organization of labor protection and supervision of the implementation of labor protection measures in the organization entrusted to the chief engineer on structural units, on the heads of departments. In the organization's […]

Speech System

The principle of accessibility and personalization provides age-appropriate and opportunities for people with speech impairments. It is caused by different development of physiology and biomechanics of adults and children with different methodical approach to building logoritmicheskogo studies, by different means, forms and effects etc. The optimal measure of access is determined by age and motor […]

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