Monthly Archives: September 2013

Loving Friends

If you ask me a definition of myself I would say: I’m loving what I do. I like to listen and get in the place of others like me help you get illusions as far as I can, I like to learn, investigate, question, change, and when it arrived, I like to share with friends […]

Sending Audio Message

And if you already have an audio message, but not tried it before adding it, see if removing the message increase your conversions. 7. Testimonials. Will adding so many witnesses as possible to increase your sales conversions ever, right? Not so much. This does not mean you should add testimonials, but make sure that the […]


The content and layout of each leaflet depends on the objectives that each has been previously proposed, but generally there are certain aspects to consider when deciding how it will be the brochure. Fundamentally it comes to creating marketing materials that generate the highest possible return on investment and to achieve this is to contact […]

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