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Florestan Fernandes

At that time, still secundarista and participant student of the estudantil movement, I was invited by a friend to go to a seminary in a college in the Morumbi on the Brazilian university that would be lead by eminent sociologist Florestan Fernandes. Florestan Professor was still a good-tempered man, making one shining exposition on the […]

Learn Song Technical

The song is an art that takes into account to all the body and puts into play many parts of our fisionoma. Your position, for example, it affects the way in which you produce your voice and is an essential part of the learning of the song learning to use your position of deliberate way […]

Click Here

There are things bad and good to say about the sites that offer one membreca to obtain access to a listing of remunerated surveys. Much people think that once pays one membreca to a site of paid surveys they will have access to secrets and that they will be part of the elite of the […]

The Valuation

When very next to the expiration and being the option much ITM the VE tends to be null and the valuation or depreciation of the option folloies very of close the one it active object, says thus yes, that the option has high delta. Option of purchase at-the-money, ATM, in this type of option the […]

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