Monthly Archives: September 2015

Limited Liability Company

However, from this date on the memorandum of association may be subject to the regime trade secrets. This document is in contrast to the statute will not need to be stakeholders in their requirements. In addition, this change removes some of the difficulties in the application of the provisions of legislation on the company. So, […]

July Payments

In fact, almost unbelievable to determine your income, because the PI has just started to operate. Therefore, at the expiration of the tax period when it is filed with the declaration of personal income tax from earned income, the amount advance payment is adjusted accordingly. In the case of advance payments made to increase co-payment, […]

PVC Production

To date, one of the very promising moves enterprise development issue is the plastic glass. Cheap and allowed for all groups of representatives of the population, plastic windows provide the ability to simply and easily resolve the issue home insulation. Because that there is a need – and increases the number of proposals. To date, […]

Small Company

Today everyone is talking about a crisis. Internet and print media are filled tips, predictions, seminars and consultations on this subject. It seems that info is more than enough. But the reality is otherwise. Macroeconomic forecasts are of little help to find a way for his small company. Tips like “cut costs” and “looking for […]

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