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You can encourage unreasonable compliance and superficial understanding. Can make us believe that the acceptance of forms and practices of the organization is enough for a good life. You can reject as undesirable people in their search for the truths of life have not gone the way of the group. May discourage learning and continuing […]

Colalillo Kates

I will do retrospective meaning of the perennial philosophy. I will comment on Isabella’s dialogue with Gallegos Nava Colalillo Kates, precisely where Gallegos said that we must understand the holistic education as a process of evolution of consciousness: Well, I also clearly understand the concept of “conscience” and transcribe the dictionary that “consciousness is knowledge, […]


The divine conspiracy financial collapse is inevitable. In a society that moves driven by profit, some will always win and someone will lose. The truth is that those winners are turning into powerful beings to which it increasingly easier to win again. More money, more power, always at the expense of others. This dynamic is […]


One day, in a certain mountain in Galilee, the Master gave the most moving message of hope for all peoples of all times: the beatitudes. In his teaching, Jesus refers to any person, who suffer and those who do good and all of them presented with a flattering promise. Those who are poor in spirit, […]


In turn, the repair of a situation caused by an individual who violated the law or the establishment of a relationship of parity between the litigants are the idea of corrective justice. in close liaison with the judicial function of the city-state, no However, it may exceptionally be delegated to private individuals when exercising their […]

Pleasure Principle

However, it seems that the only difference is produced between b and c, where a is the constant portion, but the a, the second time, a reunion at a to be reached by a detour and not a direct way as in the first time, thus satisfying the second experience is not exactly like the […]

Beyond Instinct

Tenuous king, bias bishop, bitter queen, rook and pawn Landing directly on the black and white look for and fight their gun battle. They know that the hand of the player mentioned governs your destiny, do not know an adamantine holds his will and his journey. The player also is a prisoner (the sentence is […]

Do It Now

One reason why people and organizations don’t progress is because they delay what they could do immediately and directly. A famous proverb says “Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today,” but the lazy version of the same proverb says: “Leave nothing for tomorrow, or you can do after tomorrow.” They are snippets […]

New Year

Sizes range from the calendars of the smallest – a pocket calendar (6 * 9 cm) to large format sheet A2 (60 by 44 cm) – a sheet, reversible, wall calendars. Units for Calendars, usually printed on matte coated, glossy coated paper or offset paper. Top and substrate – from one-sided coated board. What may […]

Olympic Games

However, the rollers made of synthetic materials have some peculiarities. Skating on the synthetic surface is more difficult, compared with the usual ice without the use of lubricants (usually based on ethylene glycol or silicon compounds). Grease on the surface of a synthetic ice rink in time become contaminated, collecting dust and dirt on the […]

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