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General Product

Overview: You will see this type of review very often when you look at other sites of affiliates. They are very brief and very General reviews, perhaps are only 1 or 2 paragraphs, with stars indicating the score of each product, with the image of the product and a link from affiliate to the merchant […]

Customer-Contractor Relationship

Adapting the story of Michal Mikhailovich Zhvanetsky. A little altered in the IT way. The text is as close to the original. Rookie Alexander adapted the 'little fool' or the relationship between customer and contractor in the development of Software Somewhere far away, there are two companies … One, as usual, the company-client software, and […]


Calculated for this plant is a ventilation heat requirement (see formula page 2) = 3000 m3/h 0.36 kWh / = (m3 ) (K) 25 K = 27 kW (for both units so 54 kW total power) total 432 kWh/day. About 86000 kWh or approximately 10000 litres are fuel oil per year with 200 days of […]

Sottrum Systems

Ma-control, tested security in the camp according to DIN EN 15635 and BGR 234 Rotenburg (Wumme), 11.04.2011 at the beginning of the year was launched for the ma-control a service company for shelf exam and risk assessment based in Sottrum in Bremen. The issue of security in enterprises is more important than ever. Serious accidents […]

Georg Kohler

“Interview with Georg Kohler, Managing Director of the cooperation for general cargo System Alliance why the system Alliance has a so complex future workshop” performed? The shareholder and system partner of our medium-sized strong cooperation for general cargo have all well mastered the global economic crisis. I was always of the opinion: who has done […]

Development Manager

The employees are ambassadors of the brand. That increases revenues and in addition staff can be recruited in again. 5. performance and result affects a successful employer branding also on the performance of employees. Follow others, such as Fundrise, and add to your knowledge base. The commitment to the objectives and values of the company […]

SPB Group Insurance

Reminder: the net commissions amounted to: – 65.1 million euro in the year 2009-60.6 million euros in the year 2008-53.8 million euro in 2007 about SPB that SPB-group was founded in 1965 and designed and managed programs for customized company-oriented insurance (conception of products, followed by programs, management of accessions and damage cases, marketing support […]

Lockout Tagout: Universal Valve And Ball Valve Shut-off

The universal barrier consists of individual modules which, can accordingly be combined depending on the application work safety: the universal blocking of macro IDENT for valves, ball valves, etc. sets new standards in the maintenance and blocking system technology. No other lockout-(Verriegelungs-)system can be used for so many different types of valve, ball valves, and […]


From the creative collaboration of children with different hearing status, the organisers hope for not only insight into the reality of life, in their fantasies and desires, but also rewarding social experiences for everyone involved. The results of the workshop, as well as a documentation of the current project from June 17 in a two-week […]

Logistics Rounds

Other, more efficient logistics systems require new solution to optimize the Filialhandelslogistik the internationalization of successful Filialgeschaftskonzepte in foreign countries. You must comply with not only the high expenses for this but also the international input and sales strategies of chain stores, as well as the constantly changing framework conditions. But also because the online […]

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