Monthly Archives: March 2011

Real Estate Companies

Development of a real estate agency on the basis of intellectual capital. Real estate agencies, immersed in a struggle with the crisis in the pursuit of making money do not pay attention to their own intellectual property. We are not talking about large agencies that have long called attention to a very important component of […]

Business Consultants

And it's not even the worst. Main – Consultant now can not help resolve the situation, as internally justifies Employees who violate company policies. Even if outwardly he condemns them, they are on one side of the field. The consultant in this situation a distorted vision of the situation. Can not be otherwise, because if […]

Public Relations

If, God forbid, “sliding” the order was the largest in the history of the firm (or one of the largest), the “businessman” is building the structure of the firm under maintenance of such orders. Department of Marketing and pr Department is not, and why? Main grandmother came from orders shipped bribery. When the speed reaches […]

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