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English Shepherd

If you have the patience and the time needed to devote to exercise and take care of an old English Shepherd, you will be rewarded by the love of a faithful and beautiful Companion. The old English Shepherd is also known as a bobtail (cut tail), and was raised to care for cattle, both sheep […]

The Values

How much glucose is in the blood, more Glycohemoglobin is formed. The life of hemoglobin is about 2 or 3 months, which is the time that It stays in your blood. Therefore, if we measure the value of this Glycohemoglobin have the average value of glucose throughout this period of 2 or 3 months. Values […]

Finnish Institute

In this sense, in the decade of 90 a study in Australia was realised that revealed that, compared with the rest of professionals, taxi conductors, were 67 set out times more to the violence. Some countries have taken in serious east problem. As much it is thus, that the Finnish Institute of Health in the […]

Fray Zeferino Gonzalez

Fray Zeferino Gonzalez Tunon and Diaz Born in the parish of Campal Villoria in the council of asturiano Laviana. Study in Ciano and entered the convent of Ocana belonging to the Order of Preachers the November 28, 1844. Study Philosophy feeling attracted by the current Thomism defend much of her visa. In February 1849 he […]

French King Luis XIII

The imminent danger motivated Calvinists and Lutherans to search under cover of Chiristian IV, King of Denmark, who was Lutheran, accepted the idea delighted. The anti-alemana Alliance. However, the sovereign kept after the political motivations, a well-studied political calculation. For decades, the Kingdom of Sweden and Denmark saw with great greed development of the prosperous […]

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