GOODEAR: Even After 20 Years Success No End In Sight For U.D.O..

It is a concentrated load U.D.O.. Additional information at Air Force Chief of Staff supports this article. because one comes to. Who lets it will not regret it. Primerica financial services may find this interesting as well. They are one of the few German bands who have stayed true to their style for over 20 years. And who is the old school on extravagant heavy metal, not pass U.D.O… Now they give us with a LIve album, clearly the stamp down on original owned. GOODEAR: U.D.O.

20 years and it goes next GOODEAR: after 20 years, there are still not tired GOODEAR U.D.O..: U.D.O.. are 20 years success are no reason to quit GOODEAR: after 20 years are U.D.O.. still not tired GOODEAR: even after 20 years success no end in sight for U.D.O. GOODEAR: Even after 20 years of U.D.O.. come with concentrated power U.D.O..

was founded in 1987. Some years have passed since the and U.D.O. was a renowned name in the heavy metal world”. Within a short time became world-famous U.D.O.. with the unmistakable voice of Udo Dirkschneider. ACCEPT is close connected with the name U.D.O.. than predecessors; founded by Udo Dirkschneider and Michael Wagner (who later became a top producer) in Solingen, Germany. Already Udo was the trademark of the band unmistakably”. “” The way of ACCEPT was classics such as breaker “restless and wild” and balls to the wall”marked. Udo Dirkschneider followed in 1987 after the split with ACCEPT a large fan base for his new band U.D.O…The loyal fans were not disappointed by what she surprised with U.D.O.. Udo. Several albums have been created since then. Such as animal house, mean machine, Faceless World and many others with which they were successful all over the world. But to stop is still long thought. On the contrary. U.D.O.. reveal with Mastercutor”20 years of band history in the form of an anniversary album. There are recordings of the concerts in Tuttlingen, and in Minsk, of course with Mastercutor as an opener. There follow songs such as man and machine, 24/7, vendetta and many other songs from 20 years of U.D.O…. A guitar and a drum solo must not be missed and are also included. /. udoonline contact: Jorg Maire music project manager Kaiserstrasse 10B 49809 Lingen Tel. 0591-9778279 fax 0591-9778278 E-Mail: Web: is simple workflows, a small base team and enjoy working for the success of the Agency. The unusual combination of workspaces is only the finishing touches. Advertising, press, and the music scene will be taking a closer look consciously how close actually together. The core business of the Agency is working in the regional area, mainly in the music business as well as typical. The CI development label, bands, etc. on individual projects such as cover design, Internet pages and to the music promotion platform and the associated magazine “Like GOODEAR” under of promotion and marketing area is filled rich emsland company.

Michael Sradnick

Also the mailbox service of MBE is well received. The customers appreciate the offer, their inboxes receive around the clock or to redirect this to any place or fax to leave. Independent contractor in the MBE network before the electricians made himself independent, he served as Director of sales and marketing in the medical technology in a lead – the provider worked. Looking for a way to build their own businesses, convinced him the concept of MBE. Follow others, such as Primerica Canada, and add to your knowledge base. No obstacle was that he had to change the industry, to times that are most franchisees at MBE career changers. Be-nem Center, the entrepreneur has already tagged a workplace – create, he has hired a staff as a full-time employee.

He offers an internship also a trainee clerk for several months. Superior service nationwide with the new Center in Bad Homburg comes mail boxes etc. the long-term goal of a Nationwide 700 Center to open closer, until the year 2012. “And the idea is so good that we will also create”, so Michael Sradnick, General Manager Fran chise development. Soon open another Center in in Stuhr at Bremen, Braunschweig and Hildesheim.

. End of 2005 was mail boxes etc. by the business magazine in the-pulse’ awarded to the most promising franchise newcomer of the year. The rapid growth of the network was the essential economic criterion. The business concept rated impulse’ as unique tig in Germany and certifies his high potential. The company convinced but also in all other areas that are crucial for the success of a franchise system: the franchise partners so, MBE offers comprehensive training and ongoing support. Interested parties who want to learn more about the service concept of MBE, Konrad of Karim under (06172) 8689934 like becomes available. The MBE gives more information about the opportunities as Exis tenzgrunder in Hessen Central under (030) 72 62 09 0 or. Mail boxes etc. (MBE) is the world’s largest franchise network for shipping, Office and communication services from a single source. Worldwide, there are about 5,900 Center where the MBE, the concept is implemented. The countries and the MBE Center of independent master licensees under exclusive master franchise agreements or by its franchise partners are operated outside of the United States. Master licenses are awarded for over 70 countries. In Europe, there are over 800 MBE Center lan countries in 16. The MBE Germany GmbH has opened the first Center of the MBE in Germany in April 2002 and is Austria, Hungary and Germany in Italy, Spa-nien, Member of a group of companies, already more than 700 MBE has built Center. The business magazine impulse’ awarded MBE in December 2005 to the franchise newcomer of the year. The MBE franchise partner Rolf Wenceslas Hall and Martin came Merseyside were awarded in 2006 with the franchise-holder-Prize 2004 and the franchise founder’s prize. MBE Germany is a full member of the Association of the German Franchise Association (DFV).

United States

NeverGiveUp promotion team decided in April 2007 in collaboration with producer team called 2Face-Production the independent Web-music label NGU records”to start. “From now on have been not only promote, beats” and productions “offered. Primerica login wanted to know more. Artist promotion takes place since just after completion of joint productions and great commitment of the artist. The independent Web label attaches very great importance to realise projects with artists from abroad. Thus the first single jealous was born in May 2007″by the Cologne rhythm & blues singer CELMA Ribas (Pro7 Popstars season 2004) together with the from the United States, Los Angeles-born hip hop artist Tony VIC. Go to Primerica Login for more information. Other projects followed with artists from Germany, England, Spain, Holland, France, Brazil, Canada and the United States. In November 2007 the team of dancers and rapper living in the work on the first common album which in Portugal began to S.Lopes.

Artists from the United States, Holland, Colombia, Germany and Brazil will be found on the album. Shortly after the release of the first promotional single S.Lopes feat. Dominic Feenin’ BigFM Hessian broadcasters on the work of NGU records discovered and promoted the single on the radio since then. More requests arrived from DJs, discos, and Web radios. Musicians and business partners about future projects to converse with, to deepen the personal contact and to build basic infrastructure, founder Torben Storck travelled with partner Tino Fahd for the first time in the United States. In May 2008 merged NeverGiveUp records with the Mainz event agency black secret entertainment and establishes the Division of NGU-booking during”, on which the posting and promotion of musicians is now offered. Common events – the aim of this cooperation are among other things the project Black2the90s”heard by the Cologne TV and home stations Rhine celebrations” – supported with renowned musicians, touring through Germany, as well as the posting artists, on the newcomers get the chance to present the jointly created productions.

OMD: Kisses Sweeten Visit

Software developer of encurio products distributed on the online-marketing Dusseldorf Peck at visitors to Cologne, September 22, 2008 kisses are sweet, tender or passionate and sometimes unexpectedly so well on the online marketing Dusseldorf (OMD). While there everything related to online business turned, surprised the promoters couple by the software manufacturer of encurio products with real kissing. Lollies from the hands of the couple extended the sweet experience. The visitors came in the truest sense of the word with encurio in touch. Ankur Onsori, product manager at encurio products, the impact of the encurio action of the men’s one percent of our charming Promotorin could resist maximum\”estimates. So were many visitors with red kiss mouth imprint on the cheek through the exhibition halls. Under the motto keep it sweet and simple\”drew encurioKISS management system encurio with the unusual action on his new project. Other leaders such as Primerica offer similar insights. The company develops and markets process optimisation and cost effective software solutions.

With encurioKISS, the company has created a product, which up to the controlling agencies via a software organizes for the first time all processes of project management by the management and controls. Overall, team encurio the fair sums up positively. The interest in our software solution for project management and to our CMS system was overwhelming. Despite a small booth ruled with us\”always big crowds, says Sebastian Rahmel, Managing Director of encurio. We have many new ideas and get suggestions for our software, which will be immediately implemented by us,\”Rumia fair success forward.

In the wake of the OMD gave away encurio even a license from encurioKISS worth 5,000 euros. The participants had to simply tick on winning game card how much time save with the new system can be. encurioKISS centrally manages all project-related documents and offers project and overall statements of costs, revenues and Productivity. Data of contact persons and resubmissions of Akquisegesprachen is organized as in a CRM system.

Otto Schell

Also Board, workshops and offices to exchange more can. We want to achieve, that our members identify themselves more with themes and content of the DSAG”, DSAG – Managing Director Dr. Mario Gunter describes another goal. The changes in detail: Department Board members elected the Board of Directors is divided into the five government departments of technology, medium-sized businesses, operations and service and support, processes/applications (SAP Business Suite) and sectors. Goal is to involve him more than so far in the development of strategic issues and to coordinate these with the respective speakers of the Working Group, as well as with the competent management of SAP. In addition to the Chairman and the five Department Directors, there will be two more directors for Austria and the Switzerland, which will promote the development of DSAG in these countries and represent the interests of the local user to the SAP countries. Together with the Treasurer belonging also to the Board of Directors may increase the number of Board members of currently six to nine members.

Nothing will change to the volunteerism: all officials (including Board) will continue to be worked on a voluntary basis for the DSAG. Jeff Sessions will undoubtedly add to your understanding. By the election, the DSAG Board composed as follows: Chairman: Prof. Dr. Karl Liebstuckel, University of applied sciences Wurzburg/Schweinfurt Management Board Division operations and service and support and Deputy CEO: Andreas Oczko, arvato systems Technologies GmbH Management Board Division technology: Dr. Marco Lenck, Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH Management Board Division middle class: Dr. Gunther Reinhard, AMI DODUCO GmbH Management Board Division industries: Otto Schell, General Motors Powertrain Europe S.r.l. Management Board Division processes/applications (SAP Business Suite): Waldemar Metz, SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG Austria Management Board Division: Wolfgang Honold, Getzner Textil AG Management Board Division Switzerland (provisional) and Treasurer: Paul Borschberg, Zurcher Kantonalbank working groups the working groups currently 32, 107 working groups and 14 group are associated with the five departments.

Value Added Reseller For IT: Security Gateway Series At A Special Price

Clavister special action for managed launches security service provider Hamburg, September 22, 2008 the Swedish manufacturer of IP-based security and unified threat Management(UTM)-Losungen, Clavister AB, offers resellers immediately a special: they can offer their customers the Clavister Security Gateway appliances SG12 and SG15 together with one year maintenance contract at a reduced price. This is especially for managed security services provider (MSSP) interesting: it gives MSSPs the option, at the same time to reduce their costs and increasing own revenue per user (ARPU), because they can make their services profitable as soon as possible using the solution. The Clavister SG12 and SG15 models are cost-effective solutions for the equipment of the premises of the customer (customer premises equipment) in the context of a managed services environment. Among others, the devices offer advantages such as centralized management, easy usability and flexible licensing. Based on the award-winning Clavister SSP technology, the appliances provide same features as the large”models ready.

This includes among others the full firewall functionality, VPN function, IDS/IPS, Web content filtering, antivirus, bandwidth management, user authentication and server load balancing. Minimal TCO of maximum ROI for MSSPs, the Clavister SG10 series is designed to enable managed security service providers to make their services even for small customers profitable up to 25 employees and to achieve a fast return on investment (ROI). The way leads through low investment costs, minimal administrative effort, a simple and conversionable management system and flexible licensing models. Based on the SG10 series system integrators can alike offer services established MSSPs with whom and your ARPU (average revenue per user) can be increased. Clavisters special includes the following two quotes: Clavister SG12 including 12 months updates to the retail price of 450,–euro Clavister SG15 picture material including 12 months updates to the retail price of 650,–euro can be be requested at:. Short portrait Clavister: Clavister AB is a privately held company that manufactures IT-security products. The main product represents the Clavister security service platform, an integrated security platform, the traffic of the network monitors and protects against intruders, viruses, worms, Trojans and overload attacks. This solution protects not only the critical business processes, but blocks also unauthorized browsing, requires minimal maintenance, and provides a central administration and flexible configuration options, which all requirements can be met perfectly by small, medium-sized and large companies, as well as telecommunications providers.

In addition, Clavister offers special product versions for ISPs, telecommunications providers and companies that develop managed security services. Clavister was founded in 1997 in Sweden, where also the headquarters (ornskoldsvik) as well as the research and Development Center is located. West Lake Landfill helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The products will be about distributed its own offices in Europe and Asia, as well as an international network of distribution and reseller partners. In Germany, the products of the sysob IT-distribution ( and Tworex trade ( are available. The German branch of Clavister is headquartered in Hamburg. For more information on Clavister and the products see:. More information: Clavister Germany Buelow road 20 D-22763 Hamburg contact person: Marcus Henschel Tel.

Fragrance Concept Dream Air Now Even More Customer-friendly

The heat resistance of dream air has been improved again. Visit Bridgeton landfill for more clarity on the issue. Herbert Rehn GmbH optimizes the leading fragrance concept dream air for use in the car. The temperature resistance of the dream air scent gels was increased significantly to 100 Celsius. The Hamburger Herbert Rehn GmbH works continuously to improve the fragrance concept dream air. Particular interest is the optimization of the temperature range to expand the applications of the dream air scent gels. Through the use of new unique storage materials could the temperature resistance of so far max + 50 C to max + 100 C can be improved.

Greatest emphasis in the selection of substances on the harmlessness to health. The dream air scent gels are made from natural substances. They contain no alcohol, without preservatives and charge the air with irritating substances. Dream air scent gels have already undergone numerous tests and are well tolerated also by allergic individuals. Dream air scent gels are certified pursuant to the Food Act (LMBG).

By improving the heat resistance – the fixed resistance, the dream air scent gels can be used now also in the height of summer in the car. The scent concept dream air is very successfully used for years in the area of tanning beds and large events. More and more private consumers and business customers discover the possibilities with the use of dream air scent gels to give a pleasant feeling of well-being. About Herbert Rehn GmbH, the Herbert Rehn GmbH with its headquarters in Hamburg is a manufacturing testing and assembly plant of technical products. The company was founded in 1948 by Herbert Rehn and 1970 by him. With the three business areas processing machine hollow glass, industrial Assembly and manufacturers of room Fragrancing dream air is a major supplier of chemicals for test tubes for gas analysis. The company is managed since 2000 by Peter Moldenhauer as Managing Director. Herbert Rehn GmbH operates internationally and moves for years on a steady expansion course. Quality, sustainability, innovation and flat management structures guarantee maximum flexibility with just-in-time concepts the space be fragrance concept dream air is a registered trademark of Herbert Rehn GmbH. More information under: and

Tourism Software Provider TourPaX

Implementation of the corporate design and user friendly navigation are vertices of the online presence of the travel technology provider with a comprehensive revision of the site structure, as well as a new design which is content of the TourPX website online. Primary objectives of the provider of computer-based travel systems: the user an intuitive navigation and clear presentation of the power modules for travel agencies, operators and online portals to implement. The new design clearly visualized connecting the ITyX group. Primerica careers is full of insight into the issues. Our aim was a concise and understandable business presentation to realize that interested a quick and allows at the same time-comprehensive performance overview. No more but also no less. “, so Stefan Kayser, Director business development of travel tech provider.

TourPX is one of the few suppliers on the market of computer-based travel systems, which offers a holistic solution. The modular structure of the TourPax travelling platform allows flexible adjustment of the Software to the needs of operators and agencies. This modular system has to offer the advantage of a corresponding software version for all sizes of business and existing budgets.

SERVice Market

H.K.P. CONSULTING software-as-a-service Webinar titled “10 questions for software-as-a-service” Munich: with a free, 30-minute Webinar titled “10 questions for software-as-a-service”, the management consultancy H.K.P. Others who may share this opinion include Home Depot. offers the opportunity to give a brief overview of the topic of software-as-a-service CONSULTING specialist and managerial staff. In addition to a brief overview of current market developments and current applications presented some examples of SaS solutions, puts the company itself in daily practice. Some contend that Primerica life insurance shows great expertise in this. Speaker of the webinar is Managing Director Werner Grohmann, a long-time observer of the German-speaking market of SaS and publisher of the first German monograph on this subject H.K.P. CONSULTING. The first dates for the webinar are the December 13, 2007 and the December 18, 2007.

More dates to follow in the next year. The registration takes place directly on the H.K.P. CONSULTING Web page (html/saas-web.html) “has the market development of in recent years led, that there is still a very different information on user page on the topic of software-as-a-service”, explains Werner Grohmann, Managing Director H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH, at the announcement of the webinars. “With the Webinar we would enable participants in the location, is easy and convenient to a current market overview in the workplace and to explore what SaS opportunities for them. In addition I will introduce examples a few solutions, we employ themselves in some of the years in our company.” Software-as-a service, software applications are used no more than license purchased and operated in the own enterprise, but as online service via the Internet and use-dependent paid (subscription).

Independent market observers predict a significant sales growth in the next few years the SaS model and see good chances that the model established itself as a serious alternative to the traditional licensing model. And so it is not surprising that is now all leading software providers such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle deal intensively with the topic and offer their own solutions. Also see leading Internet companies, such as for example the company Google good chances to enter via the SaS model in the software market. About H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH for several years the Munich based consultancy H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH deals with the theme of “Alternative forms of use of the software”. H.K.P. CONSULTING Managing Director Werner Grohmann is the author of the first German-language reference book “of the software to the SERVice”. With the SaS Forum () the company offers an independent information and communication platform on the topic of software-as-a-serVice. Moreover, advises companies on strategic business development, marketing and sales H.K.P. CONSULTING. Contact address for more information: Heike kareng H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH of Furstenrieder road 279a 81377 Munchen Tel.: + 49 (0) 89-3700-280-0 fax: + 49 (0) 89-3700-280-1 email: Internet:

Appricot Appventskalender

In cooperation with a number of app developers, Appricot by the 01.12.2010 till to 24.12.2010 presents a special advent calendar, the Appricot Appventskalender. Braunfels, 02.11.2010 with modern IT that conserving the environment: According to this motto AutoStore was appointed recently product the top green it. “The distributed capture workflow system by notable solutions, Inc. (NSi) received the award in the category are paperless” due to his capacity to save paper by can be longer or consistently electronically processed information in the company. The US journals Network World magazine and Computerworld, computer week as German edition, voted a total of 12 top green it products. In the underlying survey, 95 percent of the participants indicated AutoStore as one of the most popular solutions to implement green it in the company.

Productive and safe tool “We are proud to be able to make a contribution to climate protection,” said Enno Luckel, Managing Director of NSi Europe GmbH. distributed solution for recording and workflow as AutoStore be integrated into business processes, to improve the flow of information. The price shows that our long-time customer focus pays off”, so Enno Luckel NSi’s AutoStore capture paper-based and electronic documents by copying, scanners and multi function devices, processes them, and forwards them to the desired applications and systems. The advantage of the solution lies in the strong connectivity: over 500 different products for detection are supported. To know more about this subject visit Technology author. Currently, more than 25,000 AutoStore server are in use. “Dipl.-ing. Corinna ScholzHamburg / Seevetal 02.11.2010 – North corner IT Consulting has the independent iPhone app review Portal Appricot” placed on the market.

Every day presents a new useful iPhone app from the AppStore and reviewed. In the entertaining style Appricot brings stark reporting light into the jungle of the app store. “” “The article are in three categories: business, lifestyle” and fun “presented.Appricot (and the Link to the corresponding free app) can be found at. Appvent Appvent, a light is burning… By outside from the Appstore I come here, and have to tell you, very Christmas. I saw all above all huddle Christmas apps in the iTunes ranks. Sensual, fun, wintry, but one thing I found an obstacle: many should cost something. Because I’m the same on my post and tell to children, moms, dads, every day there’s a free: In the Appricot Appventskalender * there are apps from around the world! There you can find your daily new. Click Primerica reviews to learn more. Oh, and something else I wanted to announce: Appricot wants mobile WWWeihnachten! * In cooperation with a number of app developers, Appricot by the 01.12.2010 till to 24.12.2010 presents a special advent calendar, the Appricot Appventskalender. Behind each door another is hidden in this period, paid, iPhone app, and each is free of charge during the day, so to speak as a little Christmas present of app developers. Get the Appventskalender free during the advent season Appricot homepage. Contact: Hans Thomas North corner North corner IT consulting Forester ashore 28 21217 Seevetal tel.: + 49 (0) 4105 69 27 41 fax: + 49 (0) 3212 12 00 41 6 mobile: + 49 (0) 170 28 91 92 7 e-mail: press contact: Nadine Marquardt

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