10 Strategies To Increase Sales From Your Tanning Centre This Christmas

1 – We are used to give and give in this time. Offer a small gift for each “X” tanning sessions will sell more in December. Need not be costly, if your budget is low you can give your tan. For example: “In the purchase of 10 sessions will give you 5 sessions that you can give to anyone you want.” So your customers will not cost a gift for a colleague or family member and you have new customers to sell to tanning products. 2-All buy more when we think we have a unique opportunity to acquire something. Pamper your customers and earn extra income by offering discounts. It is not necessary that the discounts are large, it is proven that 25% because the reaction of purchasing the same number of customers by 50%.

3 – We love to give us sight. The bundle, particularly at Christmas, it is very important. Wrap your products in a beautiful wrapping paper, make Christmas baskets with sunscreens and other products you have for sale. 4 – The decoration must accompany the time of year. Dale festive atmosphere to your business.

Be original, do not limit yourself to the areas and the tree that customers can see at any business. A tree decorated with suns is a good alternative. 5-day Sweeten your customers. Do not forget to put a bowl of sweet typical of this time on the reception desk replacing the usual sweets. 6 – Take this time to offer raffles for gift coupons, free samples of your products (pods), holiday packages, parcels a year … 7-Negotiate with businesses in your area to make an exchange of gifts for clients, is very attractive to have a variety of gifts for your drawings. 8.-Charitable Activities. It is a time when we are a bit more sensitive and if you donate a small bonus for each party to a charity, your client and you’ll be doing a good deed. Besides those who like to work with causes prefer to go to your business instead of going to competition. 9 – Greeting e-mail. Congratulate Christmas is a good reason to begin a relationship with them via mail. It is an economic system and does not require much time commitment. You can also take this opportunity to inform you about your new services and holiday promotions. 10-Throw down a gift for every friend you recommend and become your client. Our customers like to feel pampered and buy good products at good prices. they also appreciate the innovative ideas. Meets these requirements and your customers remain loyal to your school throughout the year and recommend your business. 😉

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