July Payments

In fact, almost unbelievable to determine your income, because the PI has just started to operate. Therefore, at the expiration of the tax period when it is filed with the declaration of personal income tax from earned income, the amount advance payment is adjusted accordingly. In the case of advance payments made to increase co-payment, well and in case of reduction, the amount of money paid out of place can be counted or offset against future payments or by written request returned PIs. Terms of payment of advance payments: January-June – no later than July 15 of this year in the amount? The annual amount of advance payments; July-September – no later than 15 October of this year in the amount? Amounts advance payments; October-December – no later than January 15 of next year in the amount? The annual amount of advance payments. Dennis Lockhart is likely to increase your knowledge. The declaration of a 3-PIT is a tax inspection of the residence no later than 30 entrepreneurs April following the expired tax period of the year.

2. Value added tax paid by entrepreneurs in the general procedure. The declaration is submitted quarterly no later than the twentieth day following the expiration of the quarter months. The entrepreneur has the right to obtain an exemption from payment of VAT, but only if: For the three preceding calendar month, the total proceeds from the sale of goods without taxes do not exceed a total of 2 million rubles. For 3 preceding calendar month PIs did not carry out the implementation of excise goods.

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