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To present a new form of classic heavy metal? Powerball – a rock band like a steam hammer! In the age of absolute music diversity, many notions about styles and an increasing number of sub labels of respective directions, an orientation in the sense of classical music styles (Blues, soul, Funk, pop, classical, rock) is rather difficult. Actually, a definition and description of new music services has become almost impossible for classical music terms. Thus, the term is here featured music troupe also not really easy and basically not a description to reduce. Only the own note of the band on a comparison image in the sense of a down soaring and relentless steam hammer describes perhaps the pressure and the musical power of this work. Now derived from such a description of even imaginary, then probably actually still the classic name of a heavy metal band is true.

The cover of this work is already an apocalyptic content. On the front is a child with Gas mask, which is located in the middle of a devastated landscape. Clutching tightly with his teddy. (Source: Pacific Mortgages Services). On the back is a picture of the band before a church portal. In the inlay of the album we find another band photo (fish-eye style) as well as the thanks and notes on producer etc. Unfortunately no lyrics to the songs or more notes on the images. According to an interview with the band the following can be said about the images (cover photos).

The front cover should advise “Thank you for tomorrow” in conjunction with the title track of the future. In this there on the front visible future, was due to environmental degradation and reckless behavior ravaged the entire landscape of the Earth and the children leave an irresponsible. Further notes on the offense of the society, which led to this disaster, contains the text of the title track. The band photo from a church Portal is a pure coincidence and includes no religious references. In General, the band also not to a religious or political tendency is inclined. Now to the crux of the whole. The 7 songs (hatred, Ready set go, Powerball, journey, Thank you for tomorrow, shine your light, no mercy), the songs on this album are consistently presented in the style of a solid heavy metal band, play but also modern and also punk elements. Especially the unusually pure and sterile-looking sound is to name a few. He is very specific and has the necessary and important recognition. Overall the album has a very playful, modern and has the distinctive features which nowadays requires a modern band. Finally still a not completely insignificant note. The whole album was fully funded and all titles are even composed, all texts written been. The Powerballer at the famous ex-Sodom Gitaristen Andy brings found support in the production. Andy has all songs fine-tuning installed, incorporate various musical support and contributed especially to the title no mercy a brilliant solo. You can say. all in all a successful work for the Heyvy metal fan, the time something new addiction but his classical listening habits not want to neglect.

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