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Thus, the subjects of media can be: information (in a statement to clarify the nature of information), a specialized information (specify which particular area); information and analysis, political, journalistic, cultural, educational, education, children, sports, music, entertainment, art (game) films (for electronic Media), religious, advertising (in the registration and print and electronic media outlets that specialize in advertising, in the "subject of specialization and" specify: "Advertising Edition" or "advertising media." If detectable mass media advertising is not a function, you can write: "advertisement, in accordance with federal law on advertising" – with regard to electronic media, not of a promotional nature, and not More than 40% of all publications – print media of a non-promotional nature), erotic (in this column to denote "an erotic publication" or "erotic media" in the presence of elements of an erotic subject matter). Column "Territory of distribution", you can specify separately or in combination, the following information: "foreign country", "Russian Federation". If the required amount of information, the text of a statement can be placed on multiple pages, rather than one. Between points of application must comply with the interval. Signatures on the applications that are submitted on behalf of the legal and natural persons shall be assured in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation. 2.

Documents that indicate the state duty payment. The law "On Mass Media" regulates that the founder (co-founder) entity or person, acting on his behalf, must pay the state fee for a certificate of registration of mass media. Stamp duty is called a fee, which charged to businesses and individuals by contacting the authorities or to authorized officials for the commission of those legal actions.

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