Air Consumption

To save preferable tubeless radial ply tires. Pressure in All four wheels must be no lower than recommended by. Check it often. Manometer accurate visual inspection and tapping. Useful step – raising the tire pressure in the range recommended to the maximum (as indicated on the sidewall of each tire).

This action will inevitably affect the handling and ride car. Not getting into the technical maze, offer a reasonable compromise. If the rate of 2 kg / cm 2, then swing up to 2,3-2,5 kg/cm2. Further it is not necessary. Do not ship the generator! To service the air conditioner, power windows, headlights, heater fan, heating, windows or seats, audiotsentra, additional equipment such as refrigerators and avtokofevarok takes a lot of energy. As a consequence – increased consumption of gasoline.

So use what is really needed. Learn more at this site: Peter Asaro. Cassette player, sounding at full capacity, and included air-conditioning noticeably increase fuel consumption. Fundamentally change the aerodynamics of the car, we can not. But seldom ride with the windows open, not to put on the roof of the trunk and do not carry angular trailer still can. It is not necessary to shove under the springs and shock spacers to increase the ground clearance. For the dubious cross-country pay higher fuel consumption. And that, believe me, not the worst of the evils of the use of shims! Tuning aerodynamic blotches aptly nicknamed 'bodywork'. Costs are large, the effect is usually zero or even negative. Design, produce and are able to properly install the spoiler of unity.

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