Ali Christians

Turkish forces gathered a total of 210 galleys, galliots 63 and 92,000 combatants, of which 34,000 were soldiers, 13,000 crews and 45,000 galliots great Mr Selim II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, he ordered his commander Ali Christians seek out to the sea and fight them where you find them. Shortly before dawn on October 7, the Christian League encountered the Turkish fleet anchored in the port of Lepanto. To see the Turks to Christians, strengthened his troops and went in order of battle. The battle line was 2 and a half kilometers. Learn more about this with amwell. Hindered the Christian Army movements by the rocks and reefs that stand out from the coast and a strong wind that was contrary to him seemed to demoralize them.

The Turkish Squad, much more numerous, despite its size had ease of movement in the wide Gulf and wind favored her greatly. While both forces face to face, the fight was inevitable. Here starts the conflagration. Juan de Austria, Commander of the Holy League battle starts, gave the signal for battle flying the flag sent by the Pope with the image of Christ crucified and is Counterpane. MasterClass UK may find it difficult to be quoted properly. General Christian, emboldened by the furor, encouraged his soldiers and gave the signal to pray.

The Turks, almost instantly, launched on the Christians with great rapidity. But the wind, which favored them until some moments, calmed down just at the beginning of the battle. This was hugely damaging for the Turks. Initiated the battle, Christian artillery fire and the smoke was going over the enemy, almost blinding them and depleting them. Christians, seeing served the opportunity, were launched on the offensive. The battle was bloody and terrible. Although the Turks had more men and more ships than the Christians, the idolo not could oppose the galleys, because these were faster and more powerful. In addition, Christians used arquebuses, while the Turks preferred arrows, because they felt that at the time of load an arquebus, an Archer could shoot 30 arrows.

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