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ecenta still unused potential in CRM solutions Walldorf sees the recent results of the American Express the 04.08.2010 global customer service barometer and the current study of the market research company RAAD speak a clear language research: customers expect better service from companies in times of crisis and the German middle class increasingly relied on CRM software to meet these increased expectations. Yet many companies fail the existing customer data and CRM solutions to effectively according to the ecenta AG. The main reasons therefore in implementations of hasty and inadequate integration with existing systems. The according to study by American Express, German consumers are particularly demanding when it comes to customer service, because for 93% of the respondents, this Anthony a decisive role in the decision for a product. In addition over two-thirds reported that their expectations in this regard have increased in the past few months. Unfortunately, although 66% of Germans of think are the companies in the recent past have not noticeably improved”, explains Dr.

Thorsten Wewers, CEO of ecenta AG. While the citizens are willing to accept higher prices for better service. Good service can be worthwhile so well financially for the company.” Especially the German medium-sized businesses while you cannot accuse inaction. According to RAAD, the medium-sized companies invest in customer service research, and two-thirds of the 1,500 companies surveyed use CRM systems thus already to serve customers better and faster. Less than 10 percent plan also in CRM solutions to invest. The foundation stone for the improvement of the customer service through a CRM solution is created with the implementation and thoughtful integration”, explains Dr. Thorsten Wewers.

But, many companies fail to fully exploit the real potential of the software. Often, this a hasty and not comprehensively planned implementation is due. Result is often dissatisfaction and Frustration.

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