Atlantic Protect

Not it must nor it is possible continue wasting the opportunities that come offering so much to national level as international with the sources from cooperation and financing by banks or the same deprived investment, to that is abrir the doors to him, to invite it and to motivate it to invest in macro projects that allow to implement production systems by cycle, in mass and on a large scale to operate the existing economic potential in this region, and that any industrialized democracy of the orb and country of the Middle East or department of the coast would envy and wish to have, those that, without counting on one so generous and viewer nature has reached high levels of rent Rep-cpita. From the birth of our history one has demonstrated that waters, as much seas and rivers have been those that have allowed and given course to the development, even, to the discovery of the new world, and the Magdalena river has not been the exception, because by this the Spaniards arrived at the great cities of Colombia where great companies and industrial infrastructures have settled down, which use, it like transport of shipment of polluting remainders and discriminated way, and of which we are its receivers and adressees, who, for unique which they serve is for causing damage a our ecosystems. Nevertheless, there are clear and forceful policies nor no institutions that advance to campaigns and investments to protect the botadero of sediments that it gathers the river during his route, those that deposit in all those zones of environmental reserve, in million of liquid cubic meters that compose the lacunal complexes (the bogs of the zone), where they agglutinate and they coexist the most varied diversity of flora and wild fauna that can have in the Atlantic coast; besides producing and continuing producing every day and with more zeal, shortage of the main food source of the inhabitants of this zone, without no organization or governmental being does something to protect them. .

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