So it is no doubt before tell you how prepaid cards work: you will have to be. A prepaid card is the one that anticipates the amount of consumption that will be made with the card. A load of money on the card is made and operations up to consume the amount charged can perform. You should know that a prepaid card allows you to make purchases in commercial establishments and withdraw cash at ATMs, without being associated with any bank account cards prepaid mostly is not associated with any bank account but that can be charged through a bank or money in electronics, direct way. Customers can make all their purchases in commercial establishments and withdraw cash at ATMs. The versatility of this product allows that persons may receive on the part of third parties, among other applications, money: their payroll subsidies money of prizes or gifts per diem dividends from investments convenience in handling personal finances, paying always the exact value of your purchase, without paying additional charges for your purchases.

Global acceptance in many establishments. Security by not having to carry cash. Access to special benefits through alliances and promotions developed permanently. Possibility to get cash at ATMs worldwide.

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