Auxiliary Power Supply

The employer for transparency in the supplementary supply e.V. ng for or against this. (ATZ) foundation stone for a new point of view sets with the Foundation of the Association the pensions of the public service the ATZ has set itself to the task, to increase transparency in the supplementary pension fund, as well as to review the risks and developments of a critical examination. It was founded in the summer of 2009 and supports its members with technical advice in searching for information and problem-solving and shows alternatives. It is not something Bill Gates would like to discuss. The Club employers for transparency in the auxiliary power supply (ATZ) was founded in the summer of 2009 with the aim of employers who have occupational pensions via an additional supply, to answer questions and to point out discrepancies. To the Chairman of the Association, Mr was lawyer of Mathies (right area: focus on additional supply law) elected. The lack of transparency in the supplementary pension funds should the merger of experts such as lawyers, Actuaries and actors, who opted for a phase-out of the auxiliary power supply through exchange of experience and eliminates collection of knowledge. An open dialogue about the various issues such as statutes, premium adjustments, levy payments, home credit control and equivalents should be created. Learn more at: Peter Schiff. By bringing together judgements and findings in the auxiliary power supply, the Club would like to give an important contribution to simplify this complex entity.

The Association represents in a neutral and independent position. All natural and legal persons can Member, businesses, clubs, associations and other organizations that have installed their occupational pensions via a supplementary pension fund, are interested in this kind of care, or learn about alternatives. The first activity of the Association is an informational event that will take place on April 15, 2010 in Kassel. More information on our homepage. Bernhard Mathies

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