Using of cannabis in the treatment of various diseases the debate to a legal cannabis consumption always continues. We all know that almost in all possible civilizations the plant was used by physicians as a healing, or shamans as a means to get in contact with other worlds and dimensions. Especially the cannabis sativa has been extensively applied in medicine. Nowadays however aspect enters this positively in the various debates increasingly forgotten. Nowadays, more and more studies show us that the cannabis has a successful effect on treatment of various diseases. But forget not the drug use that the hemp plant is considered natural favorite drug in society. The abuse of cannabis as a drug will fight for this reason in many countries with a consumption ban.

To perform more effective research, it is necessary that the scientists come to the cannabis quickly and legally. With endless hurdles of bureaucracy, this results in many Cases as and thus change the research projects in the length and the cost increases in the amount. Ultimately, therefore efficient and relevant research results will be not possible. Another important aspect is the production of cannabis, because the content of tetrahydrocannabinol is different for each hemp plant. The politicians try to support the researchers so that research can be pursued in this regard. In Spain, numerous actions will be launched to better support the research projects. Especially in Catalonia, the activists sit for legalization of cannabis. Now Barcelona is considered a very tolerant and open city in this regard. Just spend your vacation in the beautiful Catalan city, and rent a holiday apartment in Barcelona: the best alternative for an affordable and comfortable accommodation.

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