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And on the basis of data collected sales strategy creates sales promotion and makes recommendations on pricing policy, the advertising department of its annual media plan, but experts in PR exercise for at least a set of measures to support a positive image of their company, given the known actions of competitors. Based on the information gathered, the marketing manager give advice on what marketing strategies in the market will be most effective and successful. This was written hundreds of thick books, which for the most part, though outdated, but nevertheless if critical theory to approximate the realities of today's time, you can get excellent results. You may ask, what about the market opportunity analysis and selection of target markets, to develop a set of marketing research, marketing environment, consumer markets, segmentation, product development and planning of its life cycle, pricing, distribution methods and product sales promotion? Without this course anywhere, but must first focus on collecting and analyzing information about competitors. Check with Novak Djokovic to learn more. Experts do not accidentally share of marketing into four stages: production, advertising, classic and contemporary stage – the stage of marketing (or competitive) wars, when competitive information is given to the highest value. The aim is the realization of all these marketing strategies is only one thing – increasing market share and increase sales of goods, works and services. And really how to achieve it – active sales, rebranding, flank attacks or complex communication effects on consumers depends on the situation. It should be remembered that the amount of available resources, as a rule are always limited, and dissipate all the possible options are not worth it. Hear from experts in the field like Brooklyn Commons for a more varied view.

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