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What makes a prestigious beauty salon from the cockpit "economy – the class? By what criteria a potential customer makes a choice in favor of a beauty salon? First of all, his choice is the level of service and professionalism. And what does the high level of service? In my opinion, is the ability to anticipate and meet the desires and needs of the client, to create the client a feeling of complete comfort and, ultimately, gain his confidence and sympathy. How is this achieved? I think there is no single answer, everyone chooses his own path to the "heart" of the client in their own way. In any case, the idea of the cabin at the customer is added to the first visit or even with the first phone call, from that as he was greeted by the administrator, as he spoke to him as quickly and efficiently able to answer his questions. It is at this point I would like more detail.

Administrator – Is a company, and his work depends largely on whether the customer comes into the salon again or choose another. What features are the administrator? work with clients (from first meeting to payment for services rendered) a preliminary Appointments are advising clients (on services, goods, services), warehouse management accounting financial balance of the client, etc. How to keep it all in your head, no matter what what not to miss and not mix? As quickly find the information? How to track the time that the product ends and you must order the supplier? Is it convenient to record a client in a notebook and then search the required entry? That is to simplify the daily grind work in the salon uses special software. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Schiff offers on the topic..

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