Any sector that works with information that can be related to a localization in territory can, in principle, to use itself the geoprocessamento tools. The geoprocessamento is a tool of great importance where its utility is uneven for the conservation of biodiversity, had the capacity of collection of excellent space data for diverse studies, as given thematic and of species distribution, still allows the analyses very detailed, as the identification of with priority areas for the conservation, delimitation of biodiversity corridors, base for support systems the decision. In the ambient area, the geoprocessamento is one of, seno the more, tools used for monitoramento, for example, of the vegetal covering and use of lands, levels of erosion of the ground, pollution of the water and air, irregular disposal of residues, and thus for ahead. In the same way, this technology can be used in analyses of quality of habitat and spalling. The geoprocessamento also has utility in the definitions politics lines of direction in the governmental management.

When it is identified with precision the areas affected for determined decision, the government can better plan the impact of its action. In the same way, through the register of requests and analyses and the free access to the cartographic base, it can be narrowed the relations of the government to the citizens. The importance of the Geoprocessamento in the auditorship and ambient skill, could not be bigger, a time that a technology of value so raised how much to the SIGs, it only comes to favor. The SIGs dispoem of powerful mechanisms, to express the structure of the space, offers a fan of tools ploughs to process the ambient data, with much precision, and that they allow approach of the logical and mathematical expression of procedure. In a country that possesss a continental dimension of so great ratio as Brazil, with an enormous lack lack of information in which we judge to be most adequate so that they are taken by decisions on the urban problems, agricultural ambient, the Geoprocessamento presents and makes use of an enormous potential, mainly when respect is said the technologies of relatively low cost, where the knowledge is acquired in the place.

Here in Brazil, the geoprocessamento sector has grown, but slowly, if compared with the remaining portion of the world, the geoprocessamento to grow as grows the problems of the present time, as in the social environment, infrastructure, conflicts, and thus for ahead. The people start then to perceive that the use of a new approach becomes necessary, that is, a vision that is general, that englobe and that if relates with the world as a whole. Being thus the geographic approach. Currently in Brazil, any public or private organization can use geoprocessamento, without the necessity of great financial investments. Practically all the institutions of education of the country can use geographic information without incidental costs, in the federal, state governments and municipal, many ministries, secretariats, agencies, city halls already make use of geoprocessamento, but, however they had consolidated it to few with management tool.

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