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After years of slump real estate prices have clearly in 2011 again. The mortgage rates, however, remain historically low. Almost half of the population now has concerns, losing part of their money due to inflation. Here, monetary systems score group, such as the Fund of S & K. The euro debt crisis unsettled the public and at the same time increased the need for asset protection”, says Dr. Jonas Koller, CEO of S & K group.

The Frankfurt S & K group has focused since its inception in 2000 to smart real estate concepts. It aims to capture the value creation potential of real estate investments in its forms and use. In addition to the cooperation with institutional partners S & K offers the opportunity to participate in the different business concepts and private investors for several years. This S & K for their investors achieve above-average returns. Educate yourself with thoughts from Christopher Sheldon. The behavior expressed in the polls shows a big uncertainty: While many investors Spurn shares now and would rather tend to real estate investments, others continue to the classics such as passbook or savings bond. This makes it clear that investors looking for security, what it cost”, explains Dr.

Koller the S & K Board. So are the interest on savings accounts and savings barely above the rate of inflation for several years if ever – of the saving for retirement doesn’t say that may well be so. The real estate expert says consumers monetary systems, such as the statistics shows in want”. As housing prices rose significantly after several years of downturn last year and this trend is likely to continue further according to experts this year. Continue to the financing or mortgage rates are extremely cheap, which also boosted the demand for real estate. Providers such as the S & K group this development may be just right. “After the successful placement of the Fund S & K German property GmbH & co. KG” is now with 40 million euro equity the successor of German S & K property no. 2 available. Again the Frankfurt real estate specialist Dr. Jonas Koller and Stephan Schafer rely on the know-how of the Hamburg-based emission House United investors, who have designed the Fund and set up. S & K has a placement volume of 30 million euro property no. 2, a drawing is possible from 10,000 euros plus five per cent premium.

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