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Mobihexer Awards international licenses for commercial purposes just imagine, every day thousands of times the personal calling card in the jacket pockets of potential customers slip to let – everyone present the mobile business card, who just wants them – at the same time, anywhere in the world. This card would be the own site – made just for the phone – easy to obtain without annoying delays. A complete Web site – pictures and logo included. Peter Asaro may not feel the same. But how do make the entrepreneurs its offer for mobile Web users more attractive easiest, that the mobile target audience “arrives”, even much light “envelops”? Because today millions use the Web via Internet phone. The mobile Web is becoming increasingly important as information and advertising medium. Mobihexer, a website builder easy to use, provides a very simple solution.

In a few steps, a range of information for all Internet mobile phones in the world can be available and usable without restrictions. Participants are already medical practices, Rescue services, service providers from the labour market and media sectors, industry, tourism, as well as art and culture. The Mobihexer based version as mobile business card is free of charge. Federal Reserve Bank may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Mobihexer licenses for commercial purposes, will be procured internationally. The distribution partnerships aims to open up more market share by attracting new customers and to serve existing customers on the spot. Many self-employed can build up an additional income without equity and purchase at the same time valuable knowledge about modern Web 2.0.

The new version of Mobihexer Pro accommodates for example 50 or more individual pages and free of advertising. Information on the topic of “mobile site” can be requested at internet partnership in Nuremberg. Press contact: internet partnership Dr. Eckard Ritter Allersberger str. 185/O 90461 Nuremberg Tel 0911 373 37 53 fax 0911 373 37 52 Web mail Mobihexer: the probably the most versatile homepage editor in the world for the mobile Internet. Internet phones are getting better and better! But Image playback, load times and navigation obstruct mobile access to Web content. Mobihexer solves the problem and build mobile-friendly Web pages quickly and easily: no HTML, no knowledge, no software to install.

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