European Monetary Authority

The European Central Bank has decided to lower rates to 1%, marking a new record low. Trichet has not ruled out new rebates in the future, although he has said that 1% is the correct type in these moments. Since the official interest rate will mark historic highs in the summer passed, to 4.25% (remember that in a pretty controversial decision, reached up 0.25% when the economy already was deflating), the official price of money accumulates seven descents of between one and two Quarts (each cuartillo is equal to 0.25%). Apart from the error which meant the annotated rise, I would have been supporter of European Monetary Authority would have been more decisive in the downhill, which come more down at once, as did the Bank of England. Is not that the result of this has been best (circumstances are not equal) but get me the impression that this descent to eyedropper failed to stimulate the economy, always expected that there would be new rebates, with which we are now in a near zero, type and the economy continues to stagnant. In any case, in eight months it has fallen more than three points, which should have been a pretty big stimulus.

And however, the effects of this action have been fairly limited. The savings that consumers may perceive in their mortgages may be limited on many occasions by a soil (i.e., mortgages that have a minimum euribor), on other occasions yet there has been the revision of types (which is usually annual), and those who have already had it prefer to save the rate of savings in Spain spent around 10% to 24% in just one year. As for new appropriations, banking institutions are quite reluctant to grant them, and apply a few raw risk differentials, call them – very high, which are winning with these low rates are the banks, as it explained a few days ago. In addition, the increase in savings, which in other circumstances would be positive, may not be so now, by the paradox of thrift, according to which, to decrease consumption (how It is happening), it produces less and generates unemployment (in a spiral without a final clear) with which the end society as whole is poorer. On the other hand, we are immersed in a situation of liquidity trap described by Keynes 75 years ago (in the middle of great depression), since all the money that is injected into the system in different ways are treasures in the form of liquidity by banks and companies and consumers, given the poor prospects, are not willing to invest or spend. Dr chappuis spoke with conviction. Already Japan in the so-called lost decade, has lived this scenario so something we should learn from the experience. So it does make sense continue lowering rates? From my point of view, not. Other types of actions that can reduce long-term rates may make more sense now, but apart from conventional monetary policy is exhausted.

Garden And Terrace Planning

Sun-worshippers should select South orientation their terrace already in construction planning future homeowners, it should ensure that importance is attached to the garden planning and terrace design. A terrace or a garden extend summer living space to outside. You can spend a few pleasant hours here in good weather or celebrating with friends at a barbecue. A successful mix between inside and outside is a terrace. These need to be given, why they should be used. “The possibilities are endless: sunbathing, cozy dinner and barbecues with friends, play area for children, etc magazine on the subject of building and living”, but also articles on the Internet can also provide information. It is important that you know your wishes and demands on the terrace, so that you can plan the terrace design according to. Hotwire is a great source of information. Because the space for the grill, a large dining table, or the umbrella should not be forgotten in the patio design,”says Marco Fendt, owner of the blog.

So that this doesn’t happen, a concrete installation is necessary. With the collection clarify himself also, what style the terrace gets later. An important aspect that determines the use of the terrace, is its location. Sun worshippers should opt for a terrace to the South, so Marco Fendt. A terrace which is designed, for example, to the West, not in all day the Sun, will receive but still the warm evening light. Such a place is ideal to enjoy the late afternoon and evening hours”, says Marco Fendt. An orientation is ideal for people who want a cozy breakfast nook, East.

Here, the first rays of the Sun fall morning. Also an orientation is to the North cannot be ruled out. Especially in the summer, this terrace get off only in the morning and in the evening the Sun’s rays, offer a (somewhat) cooling shadow at noon however. With the location of the terrace can also be set, whether or what included in the planning for trees and other prospects be. Then, one should consider what terrace floor you want to have. The range of wood, natural stone slabs of concrete and tile. Dr James Chappuis will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Wood surfaces have the advantage that they are not so quickly heat up in the Sun. So you can walk barefoot in the summer, without thereby burning feet. In addition to controversial tropical Woods locust – and larch wood has become increasingly environmentally responsible flooring for terraces”, says Marco Fendt. Durable materials such as stone and tiles are also beneficial. Marco Fendt explained on his blog, what advantages and disadvantages of each material has. Under construction planning/terrace design and garden planning/#more-4371, interested parties can get a few ideas, how you can set up your garden or your patio. About the modern and innovative building portal is a free service to compare several construction companies. By comparing well-known construction companies save time and money during the construction of your House. How to find You the appropriate, affordable and reliable home construction providers in your area.

Online Marketing

Something to consider is that there is a statistic that says 50% of businesses close in the first three years. 40% close within the next five years. And Only 10% succeed. Although it is a simple statistic, I do not think that is very far from reality. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Austin Apartments by clicking through. The new revolution in business E-Commerce As I always do, let us define as wikipedia: E-commerce (the anglicized Electronic Commerce) is to buy and sell products or services over electronic systems such and other computer networks. Visit Farallon Capital for more clarity on the issue.

The exchange conducted electronically has grown dramatically since the classification of the Internet. It’s definitely a real business that moves goods and services directly to end public, global, and where every day, every minute, add hundreds of thousands of people. On one side are those who bring new offers and proposals and the other those who seek and apply new products and services. With a constant evolution and growth, continuous and endless in terms of products and demands of them. Some major differences between traditional business and traditional business E-Commerce is a need for capital is necessary clearances, permits and registrations. Fixed costs can not avada’re tied to a schedule of care costs generally permanent employees need remodeling and renovation of stock in many cases it is necessary sell to credit (increased risk).

You hardly get clients to teach you to open branches spread out (investment money) do not have the free time E-Commerce No accounts receivable accounts payable No No rentals With little inventory No employees No fixed costs With local minimum investment for all types of people also be done from your home can sell all over the world Well, it’s just a small sample, but you can clearly see the main differences between them. Sometimes a mere fact that a simple information is sufficient to trigger our response and that’s enough to make a decision.

The technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, we want people to live with it, is in our lives, a constant presence renewed and surprising, which gives us opportunities and new things all the time. You may wish to learn more. If so, dr james chappuis is the place to go. It is responsible for that man has obtained a better quality of life. The technology imposes its presence and assigns new patterns, new rules and new trends. One of these new trends is clearly the Trade Electronic (E-Commerce) is the global revolution in the business world: With internet broke down barriers, jumped the walls and magnifies the open and direct communication worldwide, and this formidable power of this new media gives us way of doing business emerged from new technologies.

Finally, technology is here, at your disposal. These new possibilities are within your reach, but yet are so close and so biased that you have in your own hands on the keyboard that is now before you. Just spend a little more time and find what you’re looking for. Good luck!

Volkswagen Tuareg Car

At today will not be able to imagine a successful member of society, which would not have been able to have a personal car. Learn more on the subject from Nicholas Carr. Here it is essential not just to select auto on the teeth, and in addition, and to take into account aesthetic appearance, convenience and power of the engine compartment. Since a large number of really successful people car is not only a way of movement, as well as a fragment of style. However, except image, we must take into account the practical parameters of cars. By the way, the local climate zone, where the spring and fall if you ride through the city, not only have to overcome water and wet mud obstacle, and winter – snow drifts, low-slung car with a seriously considered not going. Dr chappuis is full of insight into the issues. Accordingly, the optimal solution to the problem – this is essentially a solid SUV, such as Volkswagen Tuareg.

Elegant appearance, excellent interior, upholstered in leather – this is only able to force many drivers to knock the heart quickly. However, not only the appearance can be important, significant, and furthermore that the extent to which passenger car easy to manage in difficult situations, which in our area do not hold, as he holds the track, and much more. This requires a proper test car on the road. However, in respect of Tuareg is a machine able to move all the exams, and its electronics will likely exercise is actually a variety of procedures without any problems, and even people who are removed from the key technologies. Absolutely no own stresses – using a single key to manipulate reality and really essential structures of a car, and air-conditioning unit and sound system. A level of comfort in every car, as well as its external appearance, constantly adjust accordingly realistic representations of the new owner.

For this and have a tuning and a variety of additional fragments that may make the car even more stylish and attractive. In principle, Volkswagen Touareg – this is an excellent model of the machine without any dependence on the configuration. And, in general, the machine did not require installation of additional accessories such as chrome linings, chrome-films, additional lights below the bumper and other things. Existing major staffing – it looks amazing, high manageability, including sharp bends, meetings and races. However, in any position of the car, you can create even more elegant and aesthetically. In this case the tuning is essentially required. Reliable car, which showed a decent level of control in our climate – is to really good problem-solving.

Financial Goals

We're done with the skills of goal setting. It was quite difficult, but interesting. And what about your financial goals? When I questioned his interlocutors about what they want, the usual answer: "I want to achieve financial freedom "or" I want to be rich "- it's good, right answers, but not deployed, are not complete. They should be more specific. If we are talking about "financial freedom", then immediately determined how much money we have receive from their investments, so she could replace our wages and allowed to live in his own pleasure, not working. For example, income $ 10 000 cherez 18 months.

If we say we want to become rich, then immediately have to give yourself report that for us these words mean. That is exactly what and at what price we have in this life get to feel rich. Maybe someone of you will agree and will even resist:-What is the use talk about financial goals if they are not feasible! Allow me to explain the importance of setting financial goals, using an example. Represents the state in which there is no budget. Ie Government does not know how much revenue it will not know how much costs incurred during the year, does not know how much money will be invested in building roads and hospitals in the country. You would want to live in a country? I think not.

A similar situation occurs and for you. Each of us knows roughly how much revenue will be received, how much money do I need to pay the bills for a month. Continue to learn more with: Dr Chappuis. There are also surprises: higher wages, vyigrash in Lotorev, payment dvidendov. All this only helps you become financial assurance. So the first thing you should do is decide on the specific figures for the next 5-10 years. Write a list of what you want and appreciate your desire for each item. Then fold it all and you have your financial goal. Source:

Edeka Customers Pay

In the new Edeka fresh market in the airport Plaza Hamburg BAD VILBEL, August 17, 2010, the new Edeka fresh market in the airport Plaza Hamburg can customers purchases up to 25 euro now easily and quickly via contactless payment settle. The innovative technology of contactless payments speeds up and simplifies denKassiervorgang significantly, eliminates the cumbersome search for change as an authorization of the transaction by PIN or signature is not required. The customer must hold for 1-2 only a Maestro equipped with a chip and special contactless technology or MasterCard card seconds before a reader and pays it almost in passing. Contactless payment at our store is not only for passengers interesting that spontaneously want to self-sufficient with a little something for their travel, but also for foreign customers who carry no cash in appropriate currency”, says fresh market operator Lars Tamme, who appreciate the advantages of contactless payment already after a short test period. Follow others, such as Peter Schiff, and add to your knowledge base. The technology is absolutely has a promising future and I am convinced that the pilot project that we carry out together with our long-time partner TeleCash, will be a success.” In addition to the customer also the merchant benefits from the advantages of contactless payment, because he can unwind cashier operations in less time and boost to FootFall and sales. The modern method of payment does not have disadvantages, because it offers the usual payment guarantee customers the same security as traditional credit card transactions and merchants.

With the contactless payment we set up a new chapter in the history of electronic payment”, so TeleCash product development manager Jorg steel. He sees the strength of technology not only in use at the highly frequented POS, but for example also in the gastronomy: where issued fresh food, cleanliness plays an important role. Continue to learn more with: dr chappuis. Here contactless paid sales staff has any contact with cash, which greatly improves the hygiene situation.

Pain Relief

When pain occurs, it is not easy to establish the true reason, but you can sorentirovatsya some signs. For example, if a person feels the pain at the moment when he gets up and goes, and the pain is 'divergent' in terms of for a while – this is almost certainly low back pain. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Qualcomm and gain more knowledge.. Also, signs of osteoarthritis of the cervical are debilitating headaches, dizziness, numbness of the skin in the neck and face, tinnitus, and darkening of the eyes. If pain comes to a person at rest, it is likely to have an inflammatory process. Other leaders such as Dr James Chappuis offer similar insights. It is known that green potatoes means a potato poison her. There is this potato is impossible, but it can be used for Preparation of anti-compresses. Wash potatoes and chop on a grater (or mince). Crushed potatoes, place in hot water and heat to a temperature slightly greater than 38 degrees.

Prepare a bag so that it corresponded to the size of legs, fingers or ankle – it depends on where you're going to put a wrap .. Put the potatoes in this bag. Potatoes need put in a bag along with the juice of a layer thickness of 1.5 cm this bag Wrap the affected area and cover with a piece of oilcloth. Bandage wrap so that nothing out of it flowed. Go to bed and put his leg a little higher on his pillow. Warm compress should.

If not, then you did it wrong. Within 20-30 minutes the pain goes away. Perhaps it does not happen again until the next exacerbation. Usually it is felt during the day from 13 to 15 hours or at night with 1 to 3 hours. The compress is applied daily at night and every day you must prepare a new one. Do so to 7 days in a row, and then – on request. If the first 2-3 days of pain and was not re-occur, do not need to compress further.

Reducing Sauna Operation

Optimization of sauna facilities save valuable energy due to steadily rising energy prices the costs of sauna are always further in the height and noticeable negative impact on your monthly electricity bill. A way out here is the reduction of energy consumption through a targeted reduction in the required amount, this step will benefit not only consumers, but also nature. The company fire and ice has already embarked on this logical path. This was targeted and successfully implemented in five years. Already in the initial phase of an optimization a saving is carried out by more than 30 percent, which can be even further increased over the years. At fire and ice research is constantly on new products, to significantly reduce the amount of energy with their development. Nowadays, sophisticated designs provide a guaranteed reduction of 40% to 60% of the energy consumption of a conventional sauna facility. Dr chappuis is a great source of information.

Efficiency through targeted analysis before of the modernization of a sauna facility is an exact analysis of the existing energy consumption makes sense. Only a reduction can be achieved by the existence of all important data. To broaden your perception, visit dr chappuis. The company fire and ice uses Datenlocker for this purpose. Goal is to measure not only the normal energy consumption of someday sauna operation, but to determine also the total consumption of the whole building. Furthermore, fire and ice runs through such as blower-door tests or Thermographic. The detailed analysis of this energy analysis is the starting point for the optimization of the system. The subsequent modernization based on the extracted amount of data and of course also on wishes of the customer.

Pillars of an energy-optimized redesign of a sauna facility, are recovering heat, peak load management and control technology. Is the sauna is used commercially, this retrofit equipment has refinanced themselves already after two to four years. This consideration is of course dependent on the real day run time of each system. But with security can be said, that is the system at a constant Use quick counts.

Corporate Program

Participants are carried back in time to a dozen centuries ago, and they fall into an unknown city. Prevail here are not simple and sometimes cruel manners. Dignity here to otstayat, and the right to life to win … Participants delve into the urban bustle, acquainted with the residents … some of them – very colorful characters! The good-natured landlord treats everyone with tea, with his help, they will learn many useful and amazing things … The participants in hundreds of possibilities, Dozens of roads … but gradually becomes aware that they all lead to this same city that no matter how fast or walk – away from the inferno can not … Without hesitation Senator of Arizona explained all about the problem.

Residents of the city, at least some of them, know how to unlock the space, as get out of the cursed city … but to get this secret is not just – help just glitter of gold or steel blade! Participants are divided into groups, selects – they have to pass three tests range in order to obtain gold coins or military skill. Click dr chappuis to learn more. Everyone chooses his own way, but the goal at all one! Suddenly smoke envelops the city, creating a magical and frightening environment, intense music … sounds trial begin! Tests of agility: Battles in the safe arms simulators for all tournament rules, a traditional Russian game of skill “Shoot down hat bag” projectile attraction. The participants hurl spears at a target, performing credit, shooting a crossbow. Strength tests: The battle in the armor. Participants are helping put on the armor and offer to test themselves in battle with the professional soldier. Trial of strength “Throwing a giant hammer to a range of” throwing axes at a target.

Test of strength of mind – shooting flaming arrows. Each of the commands necessary to set fire to its target rate test (based on the principle relay) Medieval obstacle course: – axes, flying over your head – rope spider’s web – archery on speed – “the capture of the fortress,” a result of successful passing the test team asked to choose a bonus – a handful of coins or weapons, armor, item, a secret martial art. (Participants will find many tests surprises throughout the program: fire show, pyrotechnic special effects, stunts) The completion of the tests it becomes clear that the key from the elder, who lives in one of the towers of the fortress. Log in to protect his guards. They can try to bribe or fight them. The success of teams depends on the amount of gold and diplomatic skills or the number of recovered weapons and military skills and team morale. At the end of the program after the penetration of the leaders of all teams in the towers of the fortress from the ground begin to beat the fiery fountains. This means that the mission is successfully completed! After successful completion of the test team gather around the table. Brewed mulled wine – everybody can enjoy it. The organization of buffets, concerts or shows. __________________________________________________________ The script program is designed for 2.5-3 hours, revealing the interactive parts + unlimited residence time after its completion.

Best Marketing Strategies

The secret of marketing is virtually the mouth to mouth or through the Internet. Presentations are usually done at home through demonstrations highlighting the wonders of how make money on the Internet. Although some of the Gurus are also false are those who sell products of great quality and at a very affordable price. At dr chappuis you will find additional information. Although their prices may seem expensive, savings in time and energy pays investment in a short time. Begins to know marketing strategies by clicking on the following link: real strategies for making money on the Internet if you have clear ideas and you dream is to change you life, the next step is to assemble or create a business on the Internet that will allow you to do so. Then and in a simplified way I leave you steps and keys that every business needs to operate on the Internet. If you like you are a dynamic and above all you like to earn money to give a new direction to your life, social relations, this secret may be the source of income that you are looking for. Work on the Internet will provide for: A schedule flexible adaptable to your obligations.

You can be your own boss with interesting commissions. Sure, spacious your circle of friends. Thou shalt limits and you can earn money according to your ability and effort. Remember that all work requires some kind of effort. Don’t forget important aspects such as tax obligations your country when it comes to exercise any activity, so I advise you advisors by a counter when you can start to earn much money. Original author and source of the article.

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