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Diverse industry landscape with high proportion of women works and services of writers, composers, musicians, actors, journalists, filmmakers and so forth can be as diversity production rewrite without which no film company, not a music company, no publisher or gallery owner to exploit about s and spread would have. All of these occupational groups have learned to find their way in a difficult economic environment with new technologies. Even those who complain about a low proportion of women in economic life, can have their bright joy of the cultural and creative industries. Because women are stronger than men represented there in almost all market segments. While on the economy as a whole involved less than 10% of self-employed women can be registered, this percentage in terms of the cultural and creative industries, over 40%.

Total, a sales volume of more than 130 billion generate over 230,000 businesses and self-employed in the cultural and creative industries. Professor of British History contains valuable tech resources. Basis for an analysis of the location of cultural and Creative economy is first of all an accurate delineation of the subject of the investigation. Statements contained in the final report of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology be consulted for this subsequent versions (“see cultural and creative industries: determination of the common characteristic definition elements of heterogeneous parts of the culture economy” to determine their perspectives from economic point of view, Cologne-Bremen-Berlin 2009). It would be a mistake to see the cultural and creative industries with the eyes of a site only as image factor. Although it is too, but in addition much more: namely a stand-alone business field with exceptionally high innovation potential.

New communication technologies and impulses for new technology variants here your favorite users, users, and developers. In the cultural and creative industries proving a highly complex industry complex with an almost bewildering number of different facets. Is this all together Production, which primarily consists of prototypes, production and small series, and last but not least intangible products. All of this is characterized by fundamentally different types of enterprises, which all have their own characteristics. The cultural and creative industries is a haven of employment opportunities for service providers, freelancers. In no other industry, such options are available specifically for women. Because despite the crisis, the demand for artistic and creative content, we have to do it, whose often project-based collaborative forms of work also for other sectors of the economy can almost have model character with a sustainable real growth industry. Among the cultural and creative industries core industries: book market, art market, film industry, broadcasting industry, music industry, market for Visual Arts, design, architecture market, press market, advertising market, software/gaming industry. In turn only upper handles for many more participants are even this and in markets.

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