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Traffic towards one page website is essential for any online business. The success directly related to the quality and the amount of people who visit your site. I will then share with you these simple techniques to attract visitors: 1. you can offer a free subscription to your newsletter. Many people are offering a free electronic newsletter, so you will have to give something in return, to subscribe to yours. You can offer an attractive gift, an interesting discount on the cost of your product or a report with quality information, relative to your theme. 2 Can offers free and interesting content to your visitors.

Your content will be more attractive to your visitors if it is original and updated. In some cases, offer the option to publish your content in your newsletters and web sites, with a link to your site. 3 You can create a small free directory, it can be electronic books, newsletters, web sites, etc. If it is interesting they will visit it again and again and will be the voice. 4 You can create your own free eBook, you can include your advertising and motivate your visits so they gave him or distributed freely.

5 You can offer seminars or online free lectures, as well as establish you as an expert in your area. attract a number quite attractive for highly qualified visitors. 6 You can have a free downloads area, they can be books, software, reports, etc. You can convert a portion of your web site in a directory of free software. If you’ve created the software you can put advertising of your product. You can give permissions so they can distribute it. 7 You can offer a free online on your web site service. Depending on your theme, you have lot to choose, there are many free applications online, very good quality. Worry about offering something useful to your visitors within your niche market. 8 Can you offer consulting or advice free to your subscribers. You can give it as a bonus inside your services or also, if you work with programs of affiliates, offer it as a bonus for purchasing with your link. If you give value information your subscribers will be happy. 9 You can create a club within your niche and offer exclusive because they belong to the information, you have the option of offering a free membership by subscribing to your site. 10 You can create presence on the internet, writing articles in different directories, delivering valuable information and publishing original content, this will be very appreciated by your readers and take really interested people to visit you. You can implement several of these techniques, but the key is to begin to take steps, to increase the number of visits to your page. Knowing it, is not enough, also you must take action.

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