Innovation brake 3: There is the need to control in the world’s most innovative companies Guiding principles, which are largely inconceivable in German companies. For example, that employees search for tasks, assemble teams of competitors themselves and develop innovations, without having the top management to 100 percent know what the employees actually do. The idea behind it is simple: employees who may look at their development projects themselves, are faster, imaginative and productive as employees, which delegates get a task. Innovation brake 4: the fear to be not perfect with the American mobile phone manufacturer research in motion there are 9 out of 10 “-rule.” Nine times, something should go wrong so that it works for the tenth time. And the Indian Tata Group stands at the annual competition of Innovista”an innovation that seriously attempted but failed. By such rules, philosophies, and measures these companies want to express one thing above all: Welcome to fail! They have recognized that there is no innovation with comprehensive cover.

Failure is in these companies nothing negative. 2010 for the first time four Chinese companies, also 11 companies from other Asian countries were among the 50 most innovative companies. By comparison, German companies are only three on this list. Germany can export apparently anything except ideas. Jens-Uwe Meyer the book on the subject of Jens-Uwe Meyer creative despite tie by the Manager to the catalytic converter as you build a culture of innovation 1 BusinessVillage 2010, 240 pages, numerous illustrations, ISBN 978-3-869800-73-8 24.80 300 DPI cover illustration: cover-836 link to the book: eb-836.html the author Jens-Uwe Meyer is Managing Director of Ideeologen – society for new ideas GmbH, Baden-Baden.

He has at the Leipzig graduate school”a professorship in corporate creativity. “In September 2010 published his new book creatively despite tie by the Manager to the catalytic converter: how to build a culture of innovation” ( Contact: Tel.: 0700/4333-6783; Email:; Homepage: Might you be interested in articles or interviews with our authors press contact? We like to make a contact. Also meeting copies, product images and text excerpts are to be provided on request.

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