Cabbage With Potatoes And Egg

The recipe for the cabbage with potatoes and egg found it in one of my favorite books Il cucchiaio d argento, an Italian recipe book in which I usually find inspiration for my dishes. It is a very winter recipe and quite original. A different way of eating the col. that Yes, we must calculate at least one hour to get this dish ready. More information is housed here: Karen Freyer. Ingredients: – 4 eggs – Parmesan cheese – butter – col – potatoes – pinch salt – a pinch of pepper – olive oil how to prepare: first washed and cut the cabbage into thin strips.Then wash and cut potatoes into thin pieces, half cm how much. Separately, beat 4 eggs with a pinch of salt and a little grated Parmesan cheese with a fork.Heats up a pan with a few small pieces of butter.A layer of potatoes, to cover the entire surface of the Pan is placed.Then add cabbage and add a pinch of salt over.

With beaten egg and cheese is covered and then place a layer of potato.Add one pinch of salt and a little pepper to taste and a drop of olive oil.Is cover with a lid and let in the fire very low for an hour approximately. Already. The appearance is of a tortilla, more or less, since curdled egg during cooking, but then serve them be part (at least to me!).For me is ideal as a dish unique. to enjoy! Original author and source of the article

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